Mediterranean Diet and Heart Health

The mediterranean diet and a healthy heart

mediterranean dietIf you are a woman over age 35, the very first thing you must do is check to see if you have any threat elements that would cause a cardiac arrest or other heart issues. Major risk aspects include a family history of heart problem, high cholesterol, being obese, having diabetes
throughout pregnancy, high blood pressure, previous heart attacks, age and being a smoker. If you have actually figured out that you fall into one of these classifications, then you have to establish a prevention strategy. Many avoidance strategies involve changes in diet, weight-loss, increased exercise and possibly medication.

heart-disease-and-dietIf you are a female under the age of 50 in pretty excellent physical shape, you may believe that you have nothing to fret about concerning your heart. You could be wrong. The fact is that as soon as a female turns 35, the danger of heart problem rises dramatically, to the point that heart illness is the leading cause of death for females of this age group. Around 35,000 females that are below age 50 pass away each year of cardiac arrest. A lot of ladies publish age 35 do not recognize that they are at risk for cardiovascular disease, believing it only to be a disease that mainly impacts males and older females. Continue Reading ...

ITP Causes- Can ITP Be Caused By A Gluten Intolerance?

Maybe gluten intolerance is causing your ITP?  It’s highly possible. If you have ITP and a low platelet count, have you considered the fact that you might have a gluten intolerance and that is what is wreaking havoc with your immune system?

Most of the medical community equate gluten intolerance with Celiac disease, an intestinal disorder in which the body reacts to gluten by producing the following symptoms; diarrhea, abdominal pains, weight loss, and a host of other problems. But more recent medical studies are confirming that gluten sensitivity can affect many different parts of the body besides the abdominal area and intestines. A lot of people who eventually become ill from ingesting gluten do not develop Celiac disease and the tests for Celiac disease come out negative although the person may be completely intolerant to gluten. Continue Reading ...

Natural Healing and Alternative Herbal Medicine

There are many Natural Healing Methods that use Alternative Herbal Medicine instead of pharmaceutical drugs. The belief of natural healing involves the use of 100% natural techniques and components to promote much better health. Synthetic medications and modern medical technology are known to have side-effects that might show to be fatal if not effectively administered or carried out.

Doctors of the Orient are understood to incorporate natural healing techniques with alternative herbal medications. Instead of going through pricey medical treatment utilizing artificial and contemporary innovations, many find the natural approach together with alternative herbal medication an affordable solution to achieve the ideal health.

The Advantages Of The Natural Healing Technique

Particular plant extracts and fragrance can straight affect the mind when breathed in and is frequently used on patients suffering from behavioral problems. There are likewise some plants that can assist the body to unwind when used straight on the skin– like peppermint extract that can relax tight muscles that are normally credited to stress. A natural healing technique with herbal medications can likewise help in weight loss programs for a slimmer and much healthier body. Continue Reading ...

What Are the Health Benefits of Garlic?

Garlic is an essential flavoring component in lots of foods, particularly Asian, Mexican and Mediterranean. The fresh bulb is rich in a variety of powerful sulfur-containing compounds such as allicin, ajoene, and alliin. These are responsible for the particular pungent odor and stinking breath along with its lots of health-giving homes.

The minced bulbs are best consumed raw or gently prepared at around 70 degrees Celsius. Low-temperature level cooking sets off some chemical reactions to take place, leading to the forming of a range of beneficial sulfur derivatives. Nevertheless, over-cooking under high heat renders the enzymes unable to react and form the health-giving sulfur compounds.
The minced raw bulb is best utilized about 10 minutes after mincing, to allow time for the enzymatic reaction that converts alliin into allicin, the main health-giving sulfur substance of garlic.

These pungent components, together with vitamin C, are effective anti-bacterial and antiviral representatives that act versus bacteria, infections, and microorganisms. Recent researches have actually proven that taking garlic daily minimizes the risk of capturing a cold, or in the event of capturing one, to accelerate the healing. Continue Reading ...

Why do We Get Cancer?

Why Cancer??? Why me or my loved one?

With over 100 Billion dollars a year spent on the cancer industry…is this winning the war? Contrary to what the media hype tells you, the war is virtually lost. In fact in Feb. of 1994 the American Medical Journal Association declared the war a failure. Incidences of cancer are skyrocketing in all age groups. Statistically there have been slight dips in cancer over the last couple of years, but it’s all relative. Yes…more people are surviving cancer, but more people are getting cancer.

New cancers are becoming increasingly prevalent. Pancreatic and lymph cancer are quickly moving to the number one spot killing over 500,000 per year. Continue Reading ...

Suicide by sugar…One of the Worst Addictions

Ever wonder if you might be committing suicide with you sweet addiction?

Yes, you heard me right. Sugar is deadly. Most people don’t know it or choose to ignore the ole sweet truth about sugar… but it’s true. Sugars, high fructose corn syrup and refined carbohydrates are considered to be one of the major contributing factors to most of our modern day health issues from obesity, diabetes all the way to heart disease.

Did you know that the average American consumes a whopping 180 pounds of sugar a year (approximately ½ lb per person per day) Yikes, this is down right scary. Continue Reading ...

Are Housecleaning Products Dangerous?

Does housecleaning give you a headache? Or to phrase it differently…what does cleaning house and having a headache have in common?

Well…I’m sure that the first thought that comes to mind is that cleaning house is enough to give anyone a headache. Don’t we all just hate cleaning? Just the sheer thought of doing it will send some people over the edge.

are-household-cleaning-products-dangerousBut that is not what I ‘m talking about here. Imagine a productive full day of cleaning.  Starting with the bathroom, we break out the Lysol and Tilex. That should do the trick. Oh forgot the ammonia just for added extra.  Then move on to the kitchen…. Clorox wipes, Oven cleaner, Cascade powder. Then some floor cleaner.  The place is getting cleaner already. Moving right a long, the carpets need to be cleaned and the windows washed.  Windex and carpet cleaning liquid should do the trick. Oh that’s right,  go back and polish the furniture and woodwork. Where’s that Pledge? Boy what a cleaning machine you are! Continue Reading ...

How to Get Clarity and Focus

what-is-my-life-purposeDoes it ever seem like what you desire just doesn’t materialize? Do you often feel overwhelmed and confused about where you really want to be in life? What direction you should take? How to get from where you are to where you would like to be in your life?

If you are drifting through life and are unclear about what direction you need to take for your life to be more fulfilling, or you are having a difficult time sorting through your mental clutter not knowing what you really want, here are a few simple questions you need to ask yourself in order to clarify what you really want and reveal the steps you need to take in order to accomplish these desires.

Stop and focus on YOU!

Take a few deep breaths and then think about each question for a few minutes and then write out the answer. It is amazing how much easier it will be to actually know what you want and what you feel is the necessary course of action to take get there. Continue Reading ...