Are Housecleaning Products Dangerous?

Does housecleaning give you a headache? Or to phrase it differently…what does cleaning house and having a headache have in common?

Well…I’m sure that the first thought that comes to mind is that cleaning house is enough to give anyone a headache. Don’t we all just hate cleaning? Just the sheer thought of doing it will send some people over the edge.

are-household-cleaning-products-dangerousBut that is not what I ‘m talking about here. Imagine a productive full day of cleaning.  Starting with the bathroom, we break out the Lysol and Tilex. That should do the trick. Oh forgot the ammonia just for added extra.  Then move on to the kitchen…. Clorox wipes, Oven cleaner, Cascade powder. Then some floor cleaner.  The place is getting cleaner already. Moving right a long, the carpets need to be cleaned and the windows washed.  Windex and carpet cleaning liquid should do the trick. Oh that’s right,  go back and polish the furniture and woodwork. Where’s that Pledge? Boy what a cleaning machine you are! Continue Reading ...