Why do We Get Cancer?

Why Cancer??? Why me or my loved one?

With over 100 Billion dollars a year spent on the cancer industry…is this winning the war? Contrary to what the media hype tells you, the war is virtually lost. In fact in Feb. of 1994 the American Medical Journal Association declared the war a failure. Incidences of cancer are skyrocketing in all age groups. Statistically there have been slight dips in cancer over the last couple of years, but it’s all relative. Yes…more people are surviving cancer, but more people are getting cancer.

New cancers are becoming increasingly prevalent. Pancreatic and lymph cancer are quickly moving to the number one spot killing over 500,000 per year.

Why do some get cancer you might wonder.

Think about this…One hundred years ago cancer was virtually non existent. Now every person in this country has someone close to them battling cancer. In fact depending on what statistics you use, there has been an 800 to 1700% increase in cancer cases in the last hundred years of which most are spiraling out of control in just the last couple of decades. Did you know that now every one of two people will come down with some kind of invasive cancer in their life and that half of them will die from the disease? (This information is from the American Cancer Society)

What on earth is going on? Surely the medical society should be finding ways to educate people on cancer prevention. Sadly…this is not the case. Cancer is a 100 billion dollar industry propping up many segments of society. There is no glory for doctors to help patients find wellness solutions. Only if they find “the cure” …the big magic bullet. Imagine the fame and prestige associated with “the cure”. Any “cure” found must be of a proprietary nature. In other words, it must be put through a rigorous $240 million dollar testing protocol, and then be able to be patented and sold to cancer “consumers” in order to make money off of the product. Any cure or treatment must be found with in the medical community. Imagine if Annie, little ole herbalist grandma from the backwoods of Georgia came up with a concoction of herbs that would actually “cure”. The commotion and uproar would be heard across the globe and the medical community would not accept it. All their years of training and money spent on their careers would be of no avail. Granny Annie would have to be stopped dead in her tracks. She would be a threat to their livelihood. They couldn’t even steal her formula and patent it.  My God…it’s all natural!

But how does that affect you and me? Either one of us will come down with deadly cancer in our life. Is it you or is it me?

We need to take back control of our health and be responsible for our own healing. Did you know that it is possible to eliminate up to 90% of cancer today?

All we need to do is have a look at what was going on 100 years ago when cancer was a novel disease to find the clues.

  • Clue #1 – We ate natural food, not highly processed food. Sugar was a luxury not a staple. The land we farmed on was chock full of vitamins and minerals, not like the depleted soils of today. The cattle, pigs and chicken we ate were not raised on hormones and antibiotics.
  • Clue#2 – We drank natural un-adulterated water with no chlorine or fluoride (although we occasionally had bouts of diarrhea).
  • Clue #3 – Modern stresses didn’t exist. No fast paced lifestyle, no cell phones and towers, no electromagnetic chaos, no road rage.
  • Clue#4 – There was no such thing as toxic pesticides or chemical food additives.
  • Clue #5 – Modern drugs did not exist to cover up symptoms and destroy our immune systems.

Do any of you out there really believe that Cancer just happens by accident? That we are in the cancer lottery and just happen to pull the winning ticket? And that when you get cancer… it is just a simple matter of cutting it out or zapping it with radiation… kind of like removing a bunion? Did you ever stop to think…why cancer? What the heck caused it in the first place and what can I do to fix or prevent this situation in my body?


So what’s the answer?


I’ll tell you right now that it is not chemo and radiation. Did you know that chemo is only 7-10% effective most of the time, and works more effectively if you are young. Were you aware that there are many natural treatments available that have a far higher success rate with no horrible side effects? But again let me remind you that in order for the medical community to tout a treatment it must be proprietary. We are paying billions of dollars a year for medical research only for it to be called a failure by the AMA. You won’t see little ole Granny Annie’s cure available to the mainstream community.

At the moment all medical treatments attack the cancer not the cause. Here fore the problem will never go away. But let’s discuss what cancer really is…

Cancer is a disease of the immune system fueled by rampant free radicals in the body. Each and every day our bodies manufacture cancer cells and if our body is healthy, our immune system comes to the rescue, identifies these bad cells and ever so helpfully destroys them. But what if the immune system is compromised in some way, then what? The cancer cells grow out of control and take over.

What causes immune system breakdown and cancer to take over?

I feel that there are several major factors combined which cause this immune break down and cancer to get a foothold in our bodies.

First, there is exposure to toxins and external influences, for example chemical toxins, whether it be from cigarette smoke, cleaning products, too much stress,  or any of the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. These increase our bodies’ production of cancer cells.

Then we compromise our immune system by drinking cola drinks and consuming products with high fructose corn syrup and refined carbohydrates. Did you know that a single can of soda can disrupt our immune system by 50% and up to hours on end? How many Cokes did you drink this week? What about your kids? I guess you are operating with a protection level of 50%, or less. This is not good. Also did you know that many scientists have actually documented proof that conventional vitamin and mineral supplements are basically useless to protect us, and that they actually contribute to more free radical production in the body?

Thirdly, our circulation system is compromised. This is our blood, lymph and energy system. When this system is not operating at the frequency that God designed it for, things move sluggishly and slowly, thereby allowing the cancer cells to grow. There is a lot to be said about bringing large quantities of oxygen to your cells Eg: exercise and deep breathing, and chiropractic, homeopathic, acupuncture and acupressure methods to free up the bodies energy.

Are you starting to get a clue on why spending billions of dollars on a magic bullet will do nothing if we don’t correct the root cause? This is why conventional medical treatments barely work. We are not getting to the heart of the problem.

Take chemo and radiation for instance. This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Ok… stick with me here.

Is it not a proven fact that radiation causes cancer? Use Chernobyl as a model. Those people are already dead or still dying like flies from cancer as a result of their exposure to radiation. We have also been exposed to the same radiation as a result of that horrific accident (only just on a lesser scale). What about dental x-rays and other types of x-rays, and other radiation exposure.  But what is the one thing that can combat cancer in your body? That’s right…your immune system. But radiation and chemo destroy your immune system. There is something wrong with this picture. Chemotherapy drugs are some of the most carcinogenic substances to man but they are used to treat cancer. Are we nuts? In chemo treatments and radiation, the known side effect is the destruction of the immune system, but we need it to destroy cancer cells. Did you know that chemotherapy drugs are some of the most toxic substances known to mankind? Imagine the hospital orderlies dropping some chemo drugs on the floor and forgetting to clean it up. It would burn a big hole in the concrete. And did you notice that they all have to wear those big bio suits when they are around the stuff. What does that tell you? And they want to treat us with this? Run for your life!!! Sure, sometimes in the short term it might burn out the cancer, but at what expense to our long term viability as an organism?

When you really think about this, doesn’t it make more sense to find natural means to keep your immune system running at top efficiency so it can safely take care of all those rogue cancer cells? How can this be done?  I’ll show you many ways to help your body do battle to prevent or reverse cancer.

How to prevent or reverse cancer.

  • Avoid chemical toxin exposure around you and on your body. You can’t control what goes on outside your house but you can certainly take charge of what you bring into it. Your home has been proven to be one of the most toxic environments around. Don’t smoke cigarettes or breathe second hand smoke if at all possible. Breathe clean air. Learn to breathe properly – your lungs are a great detoxifier is used properly.
  • Eat more unprocessed, raw foods (organic if you can, in order to avoid toxic pesticides). When we eat processed dead foods these foods create circulating immune complexes that are deposited in our tissues which can cause an array of auto immune system disorders. Our immune system is then occupied fighting the food we eat instead of battling the rogue cancer cells. Take enzyme supplements. Without raw enzymes, dead food creates allergens in our body. That’s why there are so many food allergies today…wheat, corn, dairy etc. We eat a dead diet of highly processed food which toxifies our system.
  • Analyze what you eat. Eat nutrient dense foods. Remember that pizza, sodas and beer are not the same as high quality natural foods. God made natural food…man made pizza! When it comes to eating meat…avoid pork, eat range fed beef and free range poultry and eggs free of hormones and antibiotics. Eliminate all sodas, unnecessary amounts of sugar, and anything with high fructose corn syrup from your diet.
  • Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. In order for increased shelf life, all essential fatty acids are removed in commercial food processing and then substituted with vegetable oils so that they last longer. Our diet today is so out of whack regarding essential oils. In order to operate at the perfect efficiency our body needs a certain ratio of Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s. Our bodies are 10 to 1 out of balance, which helps create heart diseases and cancers. Avoid commercial oils, they are deadly…stick with virgin coconut oil for cooking, olive oil on salads and cod liver oil for ultimate health.
  • Increase your anti-oxidant intake. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals in your body. Remember…if your blood is pure, cancer can’t get a grip. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organically grown).
  • Throw all your conventional vitamins down the toilet. Stop wasting your money…they don’t work!!! Did you know that recently some esteemed scientists from across the country now have documented proof that the Centrum, 1-A-Days and the like are not only basically not absorbable by the body, but actually can be harmful in the long run by promoting free radical production in the small intestine. At this point, I know of only one product that is the most effective delivery system for vitamin and mineral absorption. That is Oligofructose Complex, a recently released patent pending technology that is only manufactured by one company, Melaleuca of Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Click here for more comprehensive information).
  • Have a positive mental attitude. I know that this takes work, but is the glass half full or half empty? Ask God for help when it all seems too much. Did you know that no matter how dark the night that the sun always comes up the next day? There is a known correlation between negative thinking, depression and cancer. Choose to be happy. Don’t leave happiness to chance. Chances are you won’t be.
  • Take time to relax and smell the roses! Tension, by constricting the blood vessels, affects blood flow, thereby making it harder for your system to remove waste. Tension creates inner pollution, free radical proliferation and rampant cancer cells.
  • Deep breathe and exercise. No you don’t have to run a marathon. You don’t even have to go to the gym. Just get off the couch or your chair… walk, swim, garden, be active. Just move!!! This helps the lymph circulate. When your lymph system is sluggish you are allowing cancer a foothold.  (Did you know that lymph cancer is virtually now one of the fastest growing cancers today?)
  • Avoid plastics whenever possible. Plastics are everywhere and they are high in zeno estrogens. Plastic drink bottles, plastic packaging, wrappers. Shower curtains…there are no escaping them. They are known endocrine disrupters and are a suspected major factor in uterine, breast and prostate cancer. Never heat food in a plastic container. Never re-use plastic disposable water bottles. Use glass or china wherever possible. Imagine all the plastic piling up in our landfills.
  • Look after your elimination system. Drink lots of water and eat a diet high in fiber. Go on consistent de-tox programs. Improper elimination encourages the accumulation of fecal matter that poisons the body. Colon cancer is now one of the leading cancers of men and women combined.
  • Beware of free radicals. Just like the terrorists that they are to your body, free radicals are created in your blood stream by synthetic chemicals, plastics, rancid fats (used in processing), conventional vitamin and mineral supplements, stress to mention a few. Did you know that stress can increase free radical production by 800% in your body? Take supplements high in anti-oxidants to combat free radicals.
  • Drink pure water!!! Did you know that there are 2000 known carcinogens in our water supplies today? This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on bottled water (which comes in plastic bottles). Our municipal water supply is perfectly safe (after you filter it)…all you have to do is get a good quality water filter to remove chlorine, fluoride and other toxic impurities. Get a whole house filter if you can afford it, otherwise use filters at your kitchen sink and on your shower heads. Did you know that Chlorine is a known carcinogen? Just think about how much chlorine gas you inhale with your daily steamy shower, not to mention how much your skin absorbs. Nice way to start the day! Don’t ya think?
  • Look after the beneficial bacteria in your body. What? Bacteria beneficial? (Did you know that our bodies need 100 trillion beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tract from our mouth to our anus? And that beneficial bacteria are needed to provide up to 40% of our immune system function? And that the average American virtually has no beneficial bacteria left in their system. Our beneficial bacteria are continually being slaughtered by antibiotics and chlorinated drinking water. With both of these they not only kill all the bad bacteria, but the good as well. So please by all means take a good pro-biotic supplement.
  • Avoid un-necessary radiation. Radiation exposure builds up over the long term flying in airplanes , trips to the doctors and dentist for x-rays, and radon exposure are all radioactive risks. Check your house for radon gas. Radon gas is the second biggest cause of lung cancer. A radon kit is cheap $15 – $20. Ventilate your home.


These are just a sampling of the many ways to help you avoid unnecessary deadly cancer treatments. Remember … our bodies are God’s temple. (1st Corinthians 3:16-17 …Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?) It is up to us to honor, protect and cherish what God has gifted us with. We are created in God’s image and we are a perfect self healing organism if we create the right healing environment. God intended an abundant and healthy life for us. Let us live the life intended for us, not the life handed to us by the “world”.


Maggi Pier