Author: Maggi Pier

Comedian Elyse Myers Is on a Mission to Make Talking About Mental Health as Normal as Talking About the Weather

Generations of comics past have earned their stripes by working the late-night comedy circuit and practicing their tight five for years to achieve perfection. Comedian Elyse Myers has taken a slightly different path to success: The comedian, writer, and digital content creator has helped millions of people find light in their darkest mental health struggles through…

‘I’m a Cardiologist, and These Are the 5 Things I Do Every Day for Heart Health and Longevity—Plus What I’ll Never Do’

From the chia water internal shower recipe (steeped in toxic diet culture) to the (extremely dangerous) Benadryl challenge that caused one death, TikTok trends can certainly be something to be wary of. Recently, however, one health-focused TikTok trend has surfaced that does have some solid potential. These videos offer sage advice from experts in various fields…

This ‘Air-Conditioned’ Pillow Is a Hot Sleeper’s Dream Come True—Especially in a Heat Wave

This ‘Air-Conditioned’ Pillow Is a Hot Sleeper’s Dream Come True—Especially in a Heat Wave

Glass Animals really knew what they were talking about when they sang “Heat waves been faking me out.” The soupy, sticky weather that’s making most of the country uncomfortably hot—including my home in Lake Placid, New York—has been, “faking us out” for weeks now, looking deceivingly summer-y outside our windows and air conditioning… until you…