Author: Maggi Pier

Ice cream with a healthy twist

Jude’s is Britain’s first Carbon Negative ice cream brand, and has been dedicated to crafting the world’s tastiest treats for all the family since 2002. A second generation family business and B Corp, based in Twyford, Hampshire, Jude’s has launched delicious new flavours this summer, continuing 18 years of innovation and expertise.  Jude’s has received…

Greater States Of Being

There are two primary domains we humans live in, the state of our minds and the state of our being. With our minds we think, we conceive, imagine, rationalize and assume. Certainly it is not our hearts that judge. Our emotions are of this realm because they come from our thoughts and perceptions. With our……

Surprising Ways COVID-19 Will Destroy Your Immune System

Surprising Ways COVID-19 Will Destroy Your Immune System

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been declared one of the top 10 global public health threats to humanity,1 and it didn’t disappear once the COVID-19 pandemic appeared. Instead, it’s gotten worse, as infection control measures and hand hygiene using antimicrobial gels have become ubiquitous. AMR causes about 700,000 deaths globally every year, but researchers estimated in…