Camilla Hansson on the benefits of CBD Oil for menstrual cramps

It’s always exciting to speak to people who are passionate about health & wellbeing, so today’s interview with Camilla Hansson was especially exciting.

As a model and former Miss Sweden, she understands the importance of health, wellness and beauty. And the discovery that she also studied at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), gave Camilla a credible background as founder of Europe’s first CBD product specifically formulated for women, Camilla Organics.

Having studied nutrition from a naturopathic medicine viewpoint, she naturally turned to natural remedies to cope with her painful menstrual cramps. Visits to A&E, tests and a diagnosis of endometriosis Camilla tried various therapies but without much success.  Until a friend introduced her to CBD Oil.

CBD Oil for menstrual cramps

At the time there was little information about the product but was mainly being used for anxiety, sleep and pain.  Camilla explained “ I kept the bottle in the fridge & the next time I experienced pain I took a pipette of the CBD oil and was surprised that within 20 minutes the pain had subsided.”

Camilla wasn’t sure if it was the CBD Oil or if the pain had just passed. The next time it happened she was at College, and again within 20 minutes of taking CBD oil the pain had subsided.

She started researching the oil and decided that there was a need for a product specifically for women suffering the same painful menstrual cramps. Using her knowledge and understanding of herbs she partnered up with a leading CBD specialist to create Camilla Organics’ first product Women’s Relief. Her blend contains 15% CBD, Dong Quai, Wild Yam and a unique blend of Terpenes.

She uses THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD oil that is from organically grown hemp of the highest quality and they use third party lab testing to ensure both purity and potency.

It can be really confusing then choosing a CBD Oil, and Camilla explains “It is important to do your research and buy a product from a company that has lab reports. There are many companies offering poor quality products with little or no CBD oil, so it is important to make sure you have a high strength product from a reputable source”

Camilla Hansson CBD Oil- Jonathan Markström, Streetchic Media

How to Use Women’s Relief CBD Oil

Like most natural remedies and therapies there is an element to testing and adapting to the needs of your own body, but as a starting point for period relief use half to a full dropper of Women’s Relief under the tongue, hold for a minute then swallow.

For best results Camilla suggest that you take a few drops of the product daily for about 3 months to get the most benefits. This way you will allow for the CBD to build up in your body.

Camilla is passionate about supporting women to naturally regain control of their health and menstrual cycles while spreading awareness of how to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

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