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How to Recognise an Addiction Problem

You may also like: Understanding Common Signs of Addiction Recognizing an addiction problem is not always easy. Sometimes the signs are unnoticeable but become increasingly evident as the addiction worsens. Addiction can be defined as a chronic disease that negatively affects the brain’s motivation, reward, and memory functions. A person who struggles with addiction craves…

You’re Only 3 Ingredients Away From These Extra-Hydrating Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipes (No Neon Color or Sweetener Needed)

Whether you’re spending all day in the sun or sweating it out extra hard at the gym, you likely know to rehydrate and give your body some electrolytes. (This is especially true if you’ve noticed signs of an electrolyte imbalance, such as fatigue, muscle spasms, and dizziness.) There are plenty of delicious electrolyte drinks on…