Ding dong, the myth about Vasectomy Reversal is gone- Read more here!

According to prominent healthcare professionals, more than 550,000 men in the United States chose Vasectomy over other birth control options each year. Well, that’s a smart decision because it is really effective and reliable birth control treatment.

But what if you want to become a parent and restore your fertility? Is there any treatment that can help you get your Vasectomy reversed? Well, surprisingly, there is a Vasectomy reversal treatment that can help you restore your fertility again.

In this treatment, the experienced doctors reconnect the pathways that allow the sperm to enter into the semen. In a nutshell, this treatment can help your partner to conceive naturally. So, if you also want to embrace fatherhood, you have to undergo this treatment.

But hang on! There are certain myths associated with this procedure, and in this article, we’ve tried to debunk them for you.

  • It won’t damage your sperm count or quality.

Generally, people think that if they’ll undergo Vasectomy Reversal, it will affect their sperm count or quality. But that’s not true. Your body never stopped producing sperms. It just wasn’t present in your semen.

And now that you’ve opted for a reversal treatment, your sperms will again find their way into your semen, and everything will go back to normal as it was before you got the treatment in the first place. Also, this treatment won’t hinder your sex life if that’s what you are worried about.

  • There’s a huge success rate.

Believe it or not but the success rate of this particular procedure is fairly high. In fact, all the patients who undergo it tend to recover really fast and can try to start a family as soon as possible. But that happens when you contact an experienced or prominent doctor who knows what to do and how to do it perfectly.

Yes, that’s right, when couples opt for ICVR, it means that they will receive up-to-date and precision microsurgical reversal treatment from an industry professional. Such experts are trained to perform complex surgeries with utmost attention and focus as well as enjoy their 100% success rate. So, make sure you ask all the appropriate questions from your doctor and make an informed decision thereafter.

  • It is neither invasive nor painful.

Many doctors use a really small incision in the midline of the scrotum to complete the reversal procedure. Generally, the surgery takes place in the middle of the day, which means that you’ll be in your bed the same night. That’s comfortable!

You’ll be needing a week or two to recover from the sore muscles. But if you think that the treatment will be painful, then you can’t be more wrong. The doctors make sure that you don’t feel any sort of discomfort during or after the surgery. This means that there is nothing to fear.

To sum it all up!

So, now that we have unveiled some myths regarding Vasectomy Reversal, you might have gotten the idea that there is nothing to fear or worry about.

So go for this treatment and enjoy being a parent in no time!

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