Flow liberates wellbeing at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

Natural vitality. Clean products. Biological betterment: the newly opened flagship from lifestyle brand Patina Hotels & Resorts introduces FLOW; plant- powered natural experiences that move freely through every space, liberating guests to tune into euphoria and balance.

Opened on 18 May 2021, Patina Maldives, Fari Islands has crafted an intelligence-led, sensory approach to holistic wellbeing through its wellness offering, FLOW. Healing through sound, touch, and intelligent technology, the concept focuses on cultivating a state of mind, body and play where connection comes from letting go, nurturing body and soul by being in the moment.

Every wellness journey at Patina  Maldives  begins with  a  personal  consultation to give guests insight into their posture, sleep, and lifestyle habits. Bespoke programmes combining movement, nutrition, and biohacking with nurturing therapies are designed for each guest, harnessing their energy to embrace total freedom, enhance overall vitality and boost immunity. Rooted in the belief that wellbeing of the individual is inextricably linked to that of the planet, Patina’s light-footed offering combines the cleanest of products with a collection of experiences, Immersions and technologies designed to release the mind and promote cellular growth.


Spanning 1,500 square metres, FLOW at Patina Maldives is a place of pure and tangible soul, crafted from native materials and made perfect by human talent. It offers a complete wellbeing journey by providing inspiration, guidance, and opportunity for guests to recharge, reconnect and rediscover themselves, each other, and nature, in lush surroundings. The best therapeutic  practices  from around the world and professional advice come together to support guests in exploring their full potential for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

A collection of high-performance facials for men and women are complemented by deeply nurturing holistic body immersions in six double treatment suites,  designed with  simple,  clean  lines  and warming wood  tones to cocoon guests in a space of calm serenity. The Vagus Nerve Meditative Massage focuses on the longest cranial nerve in the body – reaching from the brain to the gut – to regulate stress, rest and digestion; and Vibration Therapy, in which sound and vibration balancing are used to heal stress disorders, pain, depression and sooth that emotional roller coaster. Aquatic-led Immersions exist in the form of Watsu, a gentle water bodywork perfect for deep relaxation and tranquillity, as well as flotation tanks, which give you sanctuary from an overstimulated world and may lead to increased creativity, focus and concentration.


As a key component of FLOW and catalyst to the Immersion menu, cutting edge biohacking applications allow guests to explore new ways of ensuring they look and feel their very best. Pioneering IRIS sound immersion technology triggers positive brain activation through audio, using an algorithm to split out and increase sound wave information to the brain. The process stimulates the brain- boosting high frequency Beta waves (13-30 Hz) dominant in our waking state and when we are alert, attentive and focused on a demanding task. This sound evokes an active listening brain state reflecting higher engagement and reward, and associated endorphin release – described by psychologists as a ‘flow state’.

Immersive sound brings neurological benefits ranging from improved motivation and performance levels to increased learning and feelings of wellbeing and personal fulfilment. By inducing deep relaxation, it has been shown to improve cardiac health by boosting heart rate variability. The sessions are delivered through patented IRIS Flow headsets in the relaxation area, either before or after immersions,  to  prepare  or relax  the  body and  mind, or as a complement to creative activities.

Curated to showcase this unique collaboration, an exclusive  IRIS  x  Patina Hotels playlist is now available via the IRIS – Listen Well mobile app. Simply download the app for free via App Store or Google Play, click on ‘IRIS Library’ and select ‘IRIS x Patina Hotels’ under ‘IRIS-curated playlists’.


The product ranges on the island have been selected for their outstanding performance, shared vision and Oceans First philosophy. Providing the skincare and cleansing products throughout the resort including the in-room amenities, Margate-based Haeckels has created an exclusive range, The Indian Ocean Collection, especially for Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. The key component in Haeckels products is natural seaweed, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids with hydrating, anti-bacterial and  anti-inflammatory properties. The Indian Ocean Collection combines Eucheuma Cottonii, also  known  as  ‘Sea Bird Nest’, an edible local seaweed harvested in Sri Lanka widely recognised for its powerful healing properties. This is combined with locally foraged and sourced ingredients  including  lemon verbena,  grapefruit,  lime,  and  lemongrass to create a deeply personal product range designed for on island life. The collection also includes two massage oils for use in treatments, created using Maldivian papaya and local ingredients: Calm, featuring jojoba, papaya  and lemon verbena oil and Uplifting, with neroli and Egyptian geranium.

Alongside Haeckels,  Immersions are delivered using  the OSEA range of innovative skincare formulations. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere, this family-run business is dedicated to creating products and experiences that support mental and physical wellbeing and has led the way in  the  industry in  eliminating  harmful  ingredients  in its formulations. The range is produced using certified vegan, organic, bioavailable seaweed, and pure steam-distilled and cold  pressed  essential oils, priding itself on its rigorous supply chain and official climate neutral status. This results-driven ethos has ensured the products in the range have a cult international following.

To combat the fatigue of travel and support the immune system through environmental changes, exclusively designed vitamin blends are provided by Nourished, creators of bespoke 3D-printed ‘gummy stacks’ of nutritional supplements. The customised Patina Blends come in different compositions including Amplify & Harmonise, Inner Peace, Inner Beauty and Inner Strength, which can assist with improving skin tone, energy, sleep, relaxation, and focus. The gummies are made from 28 key ingredients, including ginger, vitamin B12, Lycopene, Ashwagandha and patented ingredients LactoSpore, HydroCurc and Vita-algae D3. Guests can also arrange for their own personalised blend to be prepared and delivered ahead of their arrival via the Patina app.


Nutrition is an integral part of the FLOW ethos, as reflected in a series of plant-based culinary Immersions at Roots, the resort’s signature plant-based restaurant. Specially designed Roots x FLOW menus may be recommended as part of a wellness journey, offering guests the opportunity to bio hack their immune system though nutrition.

Pure, seasonal ingredients – locally sourced where possible – are cherished, and mindful, plant-based eating is central to the resort’s culinary ethos. An on-island organic permaculture garden provides fresh produce for the kitchens, all grown from meticulously sourced super-strain organic plant seeds with original DNA for enhanced nutrition. Guests are encouraged to explore and forage the variety of vegetables and herbs available within the garden at their leisure to unite their senses and offer an opportunity to be present and connected to their culinary experience.


Personal growth is stimulated further with access to sleep therapists, nutritionists, Reiki practitioners and posture specialists, who make up the pulse of Patina Maldives. Feel the pulse with life changing ideas and knowledge through the  resort’s weekly schedule  of happenings.  On  island is a large selection of low and high impact group exercise classes, nature and cultural activities as well as 24-hour access to Reboot (the gym), two swimming pools, and complimentary use of bikes, snorkelling sets, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks.

Guests will receive a personalised note from their Essentialist a week prior to arrival to establish preferences – from slipper and bathrobe sizes to dietary requirement and preferred drinks for the minibar – and assist in making any special arrangements or wellbeing bookings. All wellbeing services will also be available to book on the Patina app, both in advance and on-island.


Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is the inaugural flagship property from sophisticated new lifestyle brand Patina Hotels & Resorts, the latest hospitality concept by Capella Hotel Group. Designed by renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, Patina Maldives offers 90 contemporary one- to three-bedroom Beach and Water Pool Villas, alongside 20 Fari Studios, all of which embody a harmony of sanctuary and stimulation.

Set in the Fari Islands archipelago in North Malé Atoll, guests can immerse themselves in a new expression of island life through thoughtful tailor- made wellness journeys, interactive music programmes, captivating culinary experiences, and bask in the light-filled James Turrell Skyspace pavilion  —  all while embracing the vibrant social scene that emanates from the destination’s communal heart: the Fari Marina Village and Fari Beach Club.


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