How to heal persistent body aches during winter?

The winter is a great time to stay indoors, enjoying the heater and some cozy blankets. It’s a period of the year when all of us are naturally inclined to desire more rest and nourishment. However, there are some effects that the winter may have on our physical and mental health that aren’t all desirable. For instance, seasonal depression can be a large-scale problem for a substantial part of the population. Also, the muscles tend to tense and get sore easily when it is cold. This can be due to improper blood circulation, low body temperature, or not getting enough movement. No matter how it starts off, feeling physical pain in the muscles and bones due to the cold can be a very frustrating experience. Today, we can help you find relief through a few helpful measures. If you’re ready to enjoy winters without body aches and muscular stiffness, read on below:

  1. Massage with mustard oil: The best thing to loosen stiff muscles is by applying some heat to them. Regularly massaging the affected regions with warm mustard oil will make sure your muscles heal and experience less soreness due to the heat in the oil.
  2. Stretch your joints every day: One of the most overlooked activities to do when winter is in full swing is stretching. Take up some form of yoga or exercise that helps your bones and muscles stretch. This will improve blood flow to the regions, aiding pain reduction and healing.
  3. Visit healthcare professionals: One of the best ways to figure out why your muscle aches are so persistent is to visit the professionals. Book an appointment with the nearest pain management specialists for personalized solutions. They will assess your body to understand the root cause and address it in a step-by-step course of action.
  4. Take vitamin D3 and calcium: One of the reasons why the cases of bone pain during winter are increasing among youngsters, is they do not receive natural sunlight during the essential hours. Desk jobs at glass-covered buildings are not the best source of sunlight. Hence, it is imperative to take supplements like vitamin D3 and calcium to ensure that your bones remain healthy.
  5. Drink warm milk with turmeric: While milk is a good source of calcium, it also has essential fats and nutrients like magnesium. These are important for your body to stay in top working condition. However, the star of this remedy is turmeric, which is the golden herb of the world. Known to help with inflammation and injuries, its healing properties will ensure you stay warm and immune to winter flu, while your muscles are limber.

Final Word:

Taking care of your bone, muscle, and joint health in winter is a big deal especially if you’re over the age of 50. Also, readers with pre-existing conditions like arthritis also need to ensure they take extra care to ensure they don’t experience a flare-up. The key is to use a mix of home remedies and professional medication if need be to find the solution that works best for you! We hope the rest of this season is comfortable and pain-free for you!

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