How to make your skin glow this autumn

As the leaves turn from green to rust and the dew sits on the grass in the early morning mist, I feel a rush of happiness, for autumn is always my favourite season.  Although I welcome the autumnal change that brings vibrant colours and stirs up nostalgic feelings of childhood memories collecting conkers and lighting bonfires, the change of weather no doubt plays havoc on my client’s skin and is almost certainly my busiest time of year.

The colder air and lower humidity can cause the moisture to be drawn out of the skin, leaving it dry, flaky and tight.  After giving my clients’ a bespoke facial I always give them the following list of tips to combat the effects of the seasonal change and help maintain their skin’s glow.

1. Exfoliate

Always try and maintain a weekly exfoliation.  Removing the dead skin allows new cells to come to the top, as well as removing the dead skin that is clogging up pores.  Deeper product penetration can also be achieved by applying products after exfoliation is done, maximising and achieving the best results.

Honey is a great natural exfoliant as it contains natural AHAs, which work on removing dead skin.  Apply the honey onto the face and leave for 10 minutes.  Remove with a clean face cloth and be amazed by the results.

2. Change your Products

I am a big believer in rotating skin care products such as cleansers, toners and moisturisers.  It is not just hair that gets used to the same shampoos and stops having the same results, it is also the skin.  I like to change my products every 3 months, although every 6 months is sufficient.  Using the same skin care products year after year is like never buying new underwear!  Ok, maybe that is a stretch too far, but you get the idea!

3. Use a Night Oil

I love a good old-fashioned night oil and so do most of my clients.  I make bespoke oils for my clients using the finest organic ingredients tailored for their exact skin type and needs.  If you do not have the luxury of having oils made for you, there are plenty of options online to choose from.  Most aromatherapists, like myself, will always be happy to share information on what base and essentials to use so that you can make your own night blend.  Oils are amazing for the skin in the colder months, leaving it nourished and well moisturised.  Always remember to include your neck in your daily routine as it is often overlooked in the moisturising stakes yet is the first tell-tale sign in revealing someone’s age.

4. Have a Professional Facial

Having a professional facial with a facialist, using professional products, will leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous.  Our bespoke winter warmer facials at Beautify Surrey consist of a professional exfoliation such as a microdermabrasion, sonic peel or dermaplane.  All of which remove the dead skin cells, allowing new cells to come to the top.  By doing this at the start it prepares the skin when using lifting and toning machines such as microcurrent, radio frequency, RF vacuum and ultrasound, gaining far better results.  We then finish with a winter warmer skin mask usually a jelly one that covers the entire face, including the client’s eyes and lips for maximum hydration boost.

5. Include Skin Balms

There is something magical about using a skin balm on the face in the autumn and winter months.  When I am blending a bespoke balm for myself or a client it is pretty much always done in the autumn months, when the weather starts getting colder and people’s skin starts reacting to the sudden chill in the air. Using essential oils with an earthy autumnal scent such as Frankincense, Marjoram, and Benzoin can often have a calming effect on the mind as well as leaving the skin feeling supple with an illuminating glow.

About the author

Jen Ren is a beauty expert with over 17 years’ of experience, including teaching in a women’s prison, and the founder of Beautify Cabin, a beauty salon providing an extensive range of beauty treatments as well as private training. Jen prides herself in creating bespoke experiences for each client through non-surgical treatments, using natural ingredients and procedures, including the creation of unique DIY products made from kitchen cupboard ingredients. In addition to traditional beauty services, her salon also offers holistic experiences such as reiki, reflexology and hot stone massage.

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