More Americans Trust Dietary Supplements

use of dietary supplements on the rise

The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s initial data for its 2021 annual survey shows that 80 percent of Americans are now using dietary supplements.

“We have seen these numbers increase for years,” said Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International, a global brand management firm based in Boca Raton, FL. “Even before the pandemic, more than 70 percent of consumers used dietary supplements. In a recent survey the key findings show vitamin D use significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic; that Hispanics are most likely to report a change in their supplement routine, and that four in 5 Americans use supplements – a new high-water mark in supplement use.

Over the past 12 months, vitamin D usage significantly increased since 2020 (52% vs. 42% in 2020), as has zinc (22% vs. 15%) and vitamin C (40% vs. 35%). The increase in usage of these supplements is particularly notable, as each has been mentioned in the past year as supplements that could be helpful for combatting COVID-19 and boosting overall immunity.

Further, 50% of supplement users report a change to their supplement routine since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and 55% of those who reported a change indicated that it included adding new supplements to their existing routine. Hispanic Americans were most likely to report a change in their supplement routine, significantly more so than white and Asian American/Pacific Islander respondents.

“However, COVID-19 pushed that number to record levels because people wanted to give themselves every opportunity to stay healthy,” Gould added. “The dietary supplement sector exploded during the pandemic.”

CRN’s data includes several insights into America’s love affair with dietary supplements:

  • 79 percent trust the dietary supplement industry, a 5 percent increase from 2020
  • 50 percent of supplement users have changed their dietary supplement regimen in the past two years. 55 percent of this group added new supplements to their daily routine.

“CRN’s information is not surprising to us at NPI,” Gould said. “We represent health and wellness brands, especially manufacturers of dietary supplements. We know how serious people are about their dietary supplements.”

As the dietary supplement sector has grown, Gould said NPI has expanded its efforts to bring the latest and most innovative health and wellness products to America.

“We are reaching out to product manufacturers from throughout the world. There are a lot of companies in the U.S. and worldwide that are doing groundbreaking research to develop products that can help people live healthier lives,” he said.

Gould said InHealth Media, NPI’s sister company, that specializes in marketing health products, has expanded its marketing strategy to include public relations, media relations, social media, and TV promotion.

“Our campaigns target both consumers and retailers who are looking for new products,” Gould said. “NPI and IHM work to launch our clients’ products to American consumers.”

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