Oprah’s Favorite Slides Persuaded Me To Give Recovery Footwear A Chance—And You Should, Too

I’ll be honest—the whole “recovery footwear” trend isn’t one I’ve particularly jumped on. Is it comfortable? Maybe. But so are my favorite cozy slippers, which are 10x prettier to boot. Most recovery slides and rubber sandals are just…not cute. But if there’s anyone to convince me otherwise? It’s Oprah. And I bet she’ll convince you, too.

Last week, everyone’s favorite talkshow host released her annual list of Favorite Things list for 2021. Some choices were unsurprising (for good reason), like the drool-worthy Cozy Earth Plush Lounge Socks ($36) and the editor-approved Clevr Blends SuperLatte Starter Kit ($60). But to have not one, but two, sets of chunky, recovery slides on the list? Okay, fine, Oprah. You must  be onto something.

Let’s back up: If you’re unfamiliar with Oprah’s Favorite Things, it’s effectively a ginormous gift guide full of must-haves for everyone on your list. Like any good gift guide, it’s grouped by themes, like “Beauty Gifts” and “Tech Gifts.” Scan the “Stylish Gifts” section and you’ll find Oprah’s first choice for recovery footwear, ROAM The Puffy Sandals ($137) which made me do a double-take. Because for recovery footwear, these shoes are stylish—something I didn’t think was really possible for the footwear category.

ROAM, The Puffy Sandals — $137.00

Oprah says these feel “like they have a pillowy cushion that’s been sculpted for your feet.” We’re listening.

But it’s the comfort that really persuaded me to add these sandals to my cart. Oprah writes these are, “a dream to wear,” thanks to their moldable footbed that supports the contours of your foot in all the right places. Between the vegan upper and moisture-wicking neoprene body, these slides marry function and fashion. And for that, I’m sold.

APL, Lusso Slides — $175.00

Score Oprah-approved footwear and use the code “OPRAH” for 20 percent off your purchase at checkout.

A few rows below that is Oprah’s second pick for stylish-yet-comfortable sandals: APL Lusso Slides ($175) which are a minimalist’s dream, or as Oprah puts it, a “post-workout treat for feet.” Designed by athletes for athletes, the shoe features a 3D molded footbed that massages feet and absorbs shock step-by-step.

They’re unisex and come in a wide range of colors, from earthy neutrals to pretty pastels, meaning there’s something for everyone on your list (or for you.) Plus, they’re 20 percent off right now when you use the code “OPRAH” at checkout—what’s not to love?!


Cushionaire Recovery Cloud Sandal — $25.00

We know Oprah’s picks are pricey, so we found an alternative that’s easier on the wallet. These slides are designed to truly feel like cloud but give you the support you need. They’re soft, flexible, waterproof, and available in 13 colors, including blush, light grey, black, and even rainbow. And they’re beloved by over 1,500 customers who’ve given them five stars. You can also go the Jennifer Lawrence route and get the OOFOS recovery slides, which are between $45 and $140.

Congratulations, Oprah. You’ve convinced me that recovery shoes don’t have to be heinous after all. Workout routine or not, maybe my feet do need some extra TLC, after all. If they’re this cute and as comfy as you say, these might have replaced my go-to slippers. That is, until, next year’s Favorite Things comes out…

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