Powerful little book, Just Be Honest.

Hi, I’m Cindy Yates and I’m excited to introduce you to my powerful little book, Just Be Honest.

I am the ultimate optimist and for many years, it has been a passion of mine to help uplift the lives and mental wellbeing of the human family through positive personal and professional coaching. It wasn’t until the death of my 6-year-old son that I realized something was missing in my coaching.

How many people do we know that are successful in business but have no idea how to truly feel joy in their personal lives? It took a tragic experience for me to dig deeper and unlock the secret to a deeply joyful life.

The part that surprised me was that we all have the formula for joy, and we have known about it since childhood, but for some reason it has become a passing value that not all of us set as a priority. We don’t quite understand the great import it holds in our overall happiness.


The secret is found by living an honest life full of personal integrity and keeping honesty at the forefront of our minds as we interact with each other.

Within the pages of Just Be Honest you will read personal experiences from my own life that will illuminate the need for living an honest life.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you keep your word to yourself when you set a personal goal?
  • Are you completely honest when you give your word to someone who is important to you?
  • Are you living the life that relates directly to your inner desires and divine purpose? Do you even know what that means to you?
  • Have you become a detective in your own life to find what it is you genuinely want?

I changed my coaching to concentrate on the honest aspects of the lives of my clients in order to help them be healthier mentally. It has changed EVERYTHING for me personally and for everyone I guide towards finding their best, most authentic selves. Of course, I still help people enjoy wonderful success in their professional lives, which is even more important in the world we live in today, and the best part is that all of my clients are able to enjoy their success through being honest in all of their endeavors. My quest to help people find their own unique set of gifts and talents through an honest look at who they are really meant to be has produced results that are truly remarkable.

Visit me at www.honestyacademy.com or email your thoughts directly to [email protected]. The only way we can find the answers to discovering our most joyful selves is through honestly communicating with one another.

Thank you for your interest in Just Be Honest. The possibilities are endless when you choose to be honest with yourself first, and then going forward being honest in all of your dealings. There is power in honesty, so JUST BE HONEST!

With love, Cindy

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