Why wait to lose weight? Bariatric surgery can benefit patients – and the NHS – right now

The cost to the NHS of obesity-related illnesses each year is £6bn. With more than 1 in 4 of the UK population currently living with obesity, the National Health Service is straining under the pressure. Leading UK weight loss surgery provider Klinikal has confirmed that enquiries for weight loss surgery in 2023 are rocketing. On Klinikal.co.uk, this bariatric procedure is also ranking at number 1.

What is gastric sleeve surgery, otherwise known as a sleeve gastrectomy?

According to the UK National Bariatric Surgery Registry, a patient can lose on average up to 62%-63% of their excess body weight following this procedure. Having consistently grown in popularity in recent years, the gastric sleeve is now the most-performed weight loss surgery worldwide. Almost half a million people are enjoying the benefits of this procedure.

Christine Mozzamdar

Christine Mozzamdar, clinical services director at Klinikal, explained: “Gastric sleeve surgery – also called a sleeve gastrectomy – is relatively straightforward when compared to other weight-loss procedures. It’s a highly effective surgical procedure which takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

During the operation, part of the stomach is separated and then removed from the body. The remaining part of the stomach is formed into a sleeve-shaped tube, reducing the amount of food that can be eaten in one sitting. Less of the appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin is also produced, which may lessen the desire to eat.”

This revolutionary weight loss procedure can bring a range of benefits to patients, including improving their health and mental well-being, increasing confidence, reducing pain from obesity, and providing the freedom to enjoy an active, full life.

Celebrities including Mariah Carey, Kelly Osbourne and Rosie O’Donnell have all undergone gastric sleeve procedures, reporting great weight loss success and life changing results afterwards.

Christine continued: “It’s important to acknowledge that gastric sleeve surgery isn’t a quick fix for losing weight. Although it can bring positive benefits, patients must commit to making dietary adaptations if they’re to feel the benefits of this procedure.

“My team have so much confidence in our expert surgeons and the weight loss outcomes that can be achieved that a number of colleagues across the UK have undergone a weight loss procedure themselves. This means that they’re ideally placed to support their patients on their own journeys.

“During my long tenure as a Clinical Services Director in both public and private healthcare, I’ve seen thousands of patients achieve excellent outcomes after gastric sleeve surgery,” Christine added. “It really is amazing to see how positively their lives have changed because of the procedure – so much so, that many have gone on to recommend it to their family and friends.”


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