World’s Comfiest Beach Footwear

Engineered For Comfort: For The Wellness Of Your Feet & Body – a far more comfortable wearing experience.

SeaPigs are offering ten lucky people who wear a UK size eight to be the first in the country to trial their groundbreaking new beach footwear: The Drifters.

After years of development the revolutionary SeaPigs Drifters are finally ready to start making their way onto the trotters of the general public – and you can be among the first. Poised to be a sensation at the cross-section of health & wellbeing and fashion, the SeaPigs Drifter is a new revolutionary type of beach footwear that takes numerous strides to advance the wellness of your feet.

Flip Flops Are Older Than Christ

Traditional flip flops have a lasting negative impact when worn regularly and are not good for the bones or muscles in your legs due to their insecure nature and lack of support – the SeaPigs Drifters rectify this wrap sheet of issues, and in a fashionable way all the while.

The SeaPigs Drifters avoid the appearance of being some kind of medical instrument, while still providing numerous health benefits due to their design. SeaPigs’ goal from the off was to achieve the production of the world’s comfiest beach footwear, and they finally feel that they have achieved that with the current model they are trialling now.

Solving the Flip Flip Problems

The leader of the SeaPigs, Mick Armstrong, who goes by the title Head of the Herd, originated the Drifters concept after being inspired by his own struggles with beach footwear and how impractical it can often be. Mick struggled with back, leg, ankle and feet issues as a result of sporting injuries, and seemed to be in a position where abandoning flip flops altogether was inevitable.

Without Losing the Flip Flop Feel

Flip flops have been a wardrobe staple since the dawn of time due to their simplistic nature, and Mick couldn’t bear to give up on them – why should he have to? So perhaps it is time for the archaic flip-flop to have somewhat of a redesign – and why not let it be ex rugby player Mick? The core focus of SeaPigs throughout the development of the Drifter has always been to make the most seemingly effortless shoe, that actually had many layers of complexity to ensure that the utmost comfort is provided. If it looks simple and yet achieves so much – SeaPigs have done their job.

Enter The SeaPigs Drifters

SeaPigs consulted with their growing infrastructure of supporters in order to walk the line between fashion and function – being careful not to reinvent to the point of going beyond any recognition. They have lasted 6,000 years as they are for a reason, after all. SeaPigs, however, have included 3-Layer Sole technology in the underside of the shoe that provides an unprecedented level of support and softness to the wearer’s joints as they move. The straps are also designed to be anatomically accurate, and hold the foot perfectly to the sole of the Drifter in the way in which it is intended to be.


This is actually the reason why SeaPigs refers to the product as Drifters rather than as their own brand of flip-flop: the distinctive, onomatopoeic “flip-flop” sound of the shoe thwacking off the sole of the foot is not present, and the observed effect closer resembles the titular “drift” of the Drifters; a far more comfortable wearing experience.

Less Waste In Our Oceans and Less Pollution in Our Skies

SeaPigs did not just want to stop there, however. Not resting on their laurels, they took the manufacturing process of the Drifters one step further. Keen to make it harder for themselves it seems, they became committed to making the Drifters in the most sustainable way that they possibly could, in order to have a greater positive impact on the struggling environment. Every aspect of the Drifter production cycle has been meticulously dissected at each stage to ensure that there is nothing more that can be done to improve the environmental debt the products create. The company is confident that they have streamlined the process into the most efficient, environmentally-friendly method they are capable of.

Ultimate Beach Footwear

Clearly nothing has been overlooked in the making of the SeaPigs Drifters – every last detail pored over and every last thought fleshed out to its fullest extent. It has taken 5 years for the Drifters to reach their final form, and an overview of the process that has been undertaken will soon tell you why. Every obstacle has been charged at and overcome with fervent abandon, and with the utmost passion and respect for what is being crafted too. The ultimate beach footwear does not come easy – and SeaPigs should know, as they’ve done it.

Buy Less – Buy Best – Buy Sustainably

Our first milestone is close to being achieved, but don’t think that the development will. Our mission is to continually strive for perfection with the Drifters and will be under constant development. Perfection is a process – it can’t be held forever and must be constantly strived for and built upon.

Does the Glass Slipper Fit?

SeaPigs now need volunteers, who wear a UK size eight in order to test the Drifters in our continuous development for the best and also become a model for the brand. SeaPigs have set a challenge to only use real people to show off the Drifters and are always looking for new models to give their products a go and smile for the camera. If you, or anybody you know who wears a size eight and would be interested in contributing to the expansion of the SeaPigs brand with this exciting opportunity, message [email protected].

To see more from the SeaPigs brand, visit their website or check out their various social media presences on all major platforms (@SeaPigs7 & @SeaPigsDrifters).

SeaPigs Drifters: World’s Comfiest Beach Footwear will be launching on Kickstarter soon. To find out when they are being launched, sign up to their newsletter to tbe the first to find out.

I want to know when the Drifters are on sale.

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