4 Things to Start Doing For Yourself To Keep Yourself Motivated and Happy

More than often, you wish to keep your family and friends around you happy and motivated. However, it’s natural that you might feel overwhelmed to keep this constant state of happiness intact.

Through this article though, you will be helped to overcome this overwhelming feeling while knowing the importance of doing things for yourself first, in order to keep yourself happy.

Having said that, when you attempt to make yourself happy, you might face small but genuine problems like not finding enough hours during the day. Or you might feel selfish to take out time for yourself instead of spending it with your family.

While this is quite natural, you need to remember that “you cannot ride a bike with a flat tire”. Put simply, you need to fill yourself with positivity and motivate yourself to make the cycle of your family run smoothly.

Well, here are some simple things that you can try to make yourself feel better, happy and motivated to take up the challenges that fall in your day!

1. Meditate 

Meditation is by far the most effective way to relax and refresh your mind just by spending a few minutes away from your busy schedule. Perhaps try meditating in the morning, with open windows for fresh air and a Yankee candle lit next to you to reap the maximum benefits out of your meditation session.

Spending a few minutes meditating will come back to you with tenfold benefits like increased insight, profound concentration, inner peace, creativity and compassion.

Naturally, these benefits won’t come to you overnight. So make sure to meditate on a regular basis for astonishing results and be better prepared for the challenges that lay ahead in your routine life.

2. Show Gratitude 

Saying thanks for the things that you are grateful for isn’t a momentary task, because it takes you on a mental journey of truly understanding what your life has been so far.

Simply put, you will be forced to think about the good and the bad times, what it made you feel, how you soldiered through them and finally, landing on the things that you are thankful for.

Moreover, being grateful is a magical thing; it makes you realise your blessings and the things you probably missed appreciating enough. So sit back, think and feel fuller for the things that you have in your life.

3. Forgive 

Oftentimes, people forget how satisfied they will feel once they decide to let go.

In other words, it is you who will feel the pain of holding onto things too tight. However, once you decide to let go, you will never underestimate the afterfeel; the afterfeel of a relaxed soul and mind, of peace and calm.

Remember, forgiveness also comes under the ‘good deeds list’ for your day. In fact, with you, the person that you have been holding a grudge against will also allow himself to move ahead in his life. This means, by a simple act of forgiveness, you are not only helping yourself, but also the people around you too!

4. Celebrate 

Celebration is not just for special occasions and festivals, it is also a means to mark your achievements; no matter big or small, you should celebrate them all.

However, it is true that life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. So, while it is important to address your weaknesses and setbacks to get solutions, you should never underestimate the power that a celebration can hold.

Celebration brings your loved ones together and can make you feel like you belong to a certain loving family.

While they are at your disposal, be vulnerable to them and, naturally, you will feel lighter, stress-free and full of motivation for days to come.

The bottom line is to recognise your wins; small or big, a celebration is always worth it!

To Wrap Up… 

Lately, if you’ve been feeling stuck in a loop (a loop of constantly struggling to make amends between your everyday tasks), then you might need to sit back and breathe.

While at it, try to think of the possible reasons that make you feel the way you do. This is a process of self-internalising that will help you analyse the possible hindrances that are making you feel sad and irritated.

Moreover, realise the importance of ‘me time’, especially if you are struggling to find some for yourself. Remember, you need not feel guilty for taking some time away from your children, friends or family – after all, it’s equally important for you to focus on yourself.

In fact, you can try including them in the process by letting them know how important it is to you (and for them too)!

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