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We welcome summer and…

the physical and mental benefits of the sunshine!

Often, when we think of summer sun, we are focused on protecting our skin from damage (try this natural sunscreen). Please don’t let worry stop you from utilizing the gifts of the natural world around you.

Allowing yourself to be exposed and immersed in the sun is more beneficial than you might realize.


When the body becomes vitamin D deficient, you might experience symptoms that are less than desirable.

Adequate levels of vitamin D are required to help minimize feelings of:

  • Seasonal Affect Disorder
  • Cognitive impairment, depression, psychosis
  • Dementia
  • Infection
  • Muscle aches and cramping
  • Low energy

We know the leading cause of vitamin D deficiency is simply not spending enough time OUTDOORS.

As we emerge from the global pandemic, you might feel like you’ve spent enough time indoors to last a awhile! Remembering how to ease yourself back into the natural world might feel like a daunting task.

At Wholeness, we are here to help with that.

We have a few suggestions that will get you into the sunshine and help you optimize your overall feeling of wellness!

Here are 4 WAYS TO BUILD YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH utilizing the natural world around you.

CAMPING – “Camping would have to rate near the top of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors,” says Dr. Mary Rondeau ND. “Camping is wonderful because it is complete immersion into wilderness from morning till dark.  Foraging mushrooms and berries is a family favorite pass time.  I also love fishing with my husband and kids.  Fresh air, sunshine and observing wildlife all make camping one of our family favorites.”

WATER – Our staff writer enjoys time in, on and around water. Her current favorite thing to do is to get up pre-dawn and haul her paddle board out onto the lake. As the sun creeps over the trees, she offers salutation. When the sun is overhead, she dives into the water and then climbs back on her board and stretches out until she is dry.

HIKING – Dr. Nicole Lewis shares, “I find connection in nature when I am able to be on a trail with little to no other people on it. I love to trail run and hike.”

(RE) CONNECTING – Being with others isn’t the only way to connect. Stephen Thomas MSW, ACC tells us, “Spending time in nature is my favorite way to relax and reconnect with MYSELF. I am a warm weather person, so this is the time of year I try to go hiking, camping, and riding the bike trails of Fort Collins as often as possible. On busy weekdays, I make a point of spending at least 30 minutes outside throughout the day. Growing a garden has been a great way to do this. As I step out in the morning and evenings to water, I get to observe the changes taking place day-to-day as seeds sprout, tomatoes flower and fruit, and cucumbers spread like wild. This daily ritual keeps me grounded in my natural environment. Plus, I get to enjoy fresh veggies straight from the soil!”

Vitamin D is a nutrient that promotes strength throughout your body, both mentally and physically. Get outdoors this summer and enjoy what Colorado has to offer AND the sun that comes as an added benefit.

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