5 Tips To Choose Classy Bong 

Shopping for bongs is always exciting, as the number of exciting options, brands, and companies always claim for the classy bong. But, it does not mean every bong will be suitable for your lifestyle. There are certain factors you need to consider while choosing a bong like size, durability, percolation, accessories, and maintenance cost. Considering them in advance helps to save your pocket as well as the hassle of repurchasing.

1. Size

If you think bigger is always better, it’s all based on your demand. Therefore, before shopping always check to know whether you are a regular smoker or occasional. As mini and large bongs have their own advantages. For example, if you are not a regular smoker and looking for something under budget. Go with mini bongs otherwise, large bongs are a great option for you. Keep in mind, based on your bong choice water pipe size also varies. These are available in the market from 10 to 22 inches, you can choose based on your need.

2. Durability

While judging bongs based on durability, the most common two options such as silicon or bong with a sturdy base come to your mind. Keep in mind, there are a lot more options in glass bongs. These look classy as having breathtaking designs and works for longer durations. Even if you throw a party no guest can leave the party with bongs giving the best water pipes title. After usage, you can put these bongs as decorative pieces for many years to enhance your house’s beauty.

3. Percolation

While choosing a bong you cannot ignore the experience of premium smoke filtration. The choice of bong serves you with a cooler, smoother, and frostier experience. If you are a veteran smoker, you cannot forget the percolator. And if you are a newbie, ask yourself what kind of filtration you want like one or two. Keep in mind, one is the best percolator who has more sophisticated lungs or beginners. Rest choice is yours.

4. Accessories

Adding classy accessories on bongs is a choice of classy people. Therefore, if you are among those who focus on the appearance of a bong with an inhaling experience. Then do not forget to choose bongs having accessories options. For example, some of the users look for a cooking experience while using a bong. Therefore, you can select a bong that holds ice on the top. It gives mouth cooling and refreshing experience.

5. Maintenance

While focusing on the durability of the bong, do not overlook the maintenance factor. Because while using a bong, certain substances like tar and resin will build on the main chamber of the bong. Ignorance of these affects flavor and functionality. Therefore, select a bong that can be easily cleaned at home. Certain devices like ash catchers trap ash and debris need extra filtration and streamline the cleaning process. Therefore choose a bong that can easily clean.


There might be hundreds of bongs that attract your attention, but always focus on what you really want and fit with your style based on budget, durability, size, and maintenance factor.

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