6 steps for improving wellbeing at work

For every business, keeping your employees healthy and happy is essential. Prioritising the health and wellbeing of your employees will not only improve your business’s productivity but can also help you attract and retain top talent. Employee wellbeing has become increasingly important in the last few years, with more businesses in the UK taking steps to improve wellbeing in their workplace. There are many steps a business can take toward improving wellbeing at work, and here you’ll find six simple steps to ensuring your workers are healthy.

Get to know your employees better

One of the best ways of improving your employees’ wellbeing is by taking the time to talk to them and get to know them. Regular communication will help your employees feel valued, and you can get on top of any issues that could potentially result in injury or illness down the line. Employee stress can often be caused by changes to the business that they are not aware of, so be sure to always keep them in the loop regarding organisational changes to quickly address any uncertainty. 

Encourage socialising

As well as regularly communicating with your employees, ensuring they’re communicating with each other is a great way to build healthy relationships and ensure people are happy at work. There are many ways you can do this, from organising regular social gatherings to giving employees a space where they can freely socialise with each other. By fostering better relationships between workers, you can ensure that your workforce will remain happy and motivated for years to come.

Offer rewards

Consistently recognising your employees’ work and offering them rewards is an easy way to improve their wellbeing. Rewarding your employees for their work can go a long way towards improving their engagement levels, as studies have shown. Many businesses implement a rewards programme, which you can use to offer your employees a range of rewards that will improve their physical and mental wellbeing, whether that be vouchers for food and drink or time off.

Implement a health and wellbeing programme

A health and wellbeing programme can give your employees advice and assistance on ways to improve their physical and mental health. Implementing this programme company-wide can help improve relations between workers and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection is a policy in which an employee will be entitled to a proportioned salary replacement in the event that they’re unable to work due to illness and injury. These policies ease the financial burden on your employees, giving them piece of mind. What’s more, this policy can also offer 24/7 support to both your business and your employee, ensuring that said employee gets all the help they need when it comes to re-entering the workplace.

Make your workplace more welcoming

Your place of work can have a big impact on the wellbeing of your employees. A spacious office with plenty of natural sunlight can be a huge benefit to your employees and making sure your workplace is accessible to any workers with health conditions will allow them to work without worrying about exacerbating their condition.

By implementing these tips, you can ensure your workers are as healthy and as engaged as they can be.

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