9 Points You Must Know On How To Avoid Injuries At The Gym

Fitness is important

Fitness is important for each and everyone of you but most of the people avoid going to the gym for this sole reason that they might get injured. And then there are a lot of people who discourage the others by this reason and many people don’t know how to avoid injuries at the gym. As a matter of fact, it can actually be true if you are not careful. There are heavy weights and big machines out there that you might have no idea how they work. Or even if you do know how it works, you don’t know what would happen if something goes wrong.

So I’m going to list down certain things to keep in mind at all times to avoid injuries at the gym

  1. Treadmill: Ah the lover of every person in gym, everyone loves to go on the treadmill but keeping the balance on that moving belt can be tricky. If you are new, I’m pretty sure you love to hold on to those rails that provide but please don’t. Try to get rid of using them as soon as possible. Know how fast you can go, always, always start with a slow speed and then go to the maximum you can handle but don’t stop instantly instead go from fast to slow and then at a walking speed. Now you can stop and finally step out of treadmill.
  • Personal trainer: Have faith in your trainer or coach, whoever is readily available out there. Always ask them how to do a particular exercise or how to use a machine. They will tell you the exact way to hold and lift and whatever is related to it. This way you won’t go rogue and try it yourself and well, possibly hurt yourself. It’s okay to accept that you don’t know it and ask for help and the fact that you are paying him must be a reason enough.
  • Warm up: You always need to warm up before any sort of weight lifting. Light or heavy, the weight lifting directly goes on to your muscles and they are cold and stiff generally unless you warm up. Skipping the warm up session can give you majorly sore muscles for like the rest of the week. You need to increase your body’s temperature and get that blood flowing at a good rate so that you can lift and not cry in pain for the next few days.
  • Multiple routines: It would be much better if you keeping mixing up your routines with different exercises, both lifting as well cardio. This is help you avoid getting at the peak of one type of workout. If you do it too much, your muscles or even your body might give out at a moment and it might lead to injury. Your metabolism will work much better when you keep switching on alternate days.
  • Clothes: People have been giving importance to gym wear and shoes these days. And yes, it seems like it’s just for a bunch of mirror selfies but they have much more job than just to make one look good. You need to buy light shoes with the appropriate arch according to your feet. Also, wear stretchable clothes which will help you do all the exercises comfortably. And of course without any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Balanced diet: A properly balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated has to do much more than just aiding to your weight loss process. You need to eat light food so that you can work out without feeling lethargic. People who go to the gym in the evening know how difficult it can get to workout after a heavy lunch. And you need to stay hydrated so that you or muscles feel smooth and the muscle pulls decrease.
  • Core training: Running and lifting weights sounds great, it will helps you loose weight and stay fit for the long term but in all of this, people generally forget to train their core. So if your muscles are well balanced with a nice strong core, your body will feel much fitter and strong all together. It defines if you’re weak or tight and you might face injuries if you don’t work overall. So don’t skip the floor exercises that your trainer suggests.
  • Rest well: You need to know that working all day and then going to the gym and be stressful to your body. So you need to take the hint and rest properly. Let your body sleep for good seven to eight hours. If your body is feeling weak a day and it’s just not up to going to the gym, then don’t. It’s okay to miss a day at the gym, you can rest. Maybe eat a salad for dinner if you are too worried but don’t stretch the ability.
  • Know your strength: Don’t pick up a 15 kg weight because the person standing beside you is able to work out perfectly fine with that. They might be doing the for national really long time or maybe they are just stronger than you. But you need to avoid taking offense of that and pick what you can. If you work on it slowly and steadily, you will be able to work your way through heavier weights.
  • Stretching: This is important and well, one of my favourite parts of the gym sessions. For every gym day, whatever you are working on, it could be upper body, legs, core, you must stretch that body part after you are done. All the worked up muscles need to relax and for that, stretching is important. Just loosen them up and make them alert so that you don’t end up with an injury due to stiff muscles.

These are some common points to remember and you can easily avoid injuries at the gym. It doesn’t matter if you are new or you have been working out forever, injuries can come to anyone. Being too confident about things can bring you down too so it’s better to be safe than sorry. And these aren’t very difficult and if you think that something feels dangerous for you as in difficult, then skip it. Don’t take the chance.

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