Biotechnological potential of eugenol and thymol derivatives against staphylococcus aureus from bovine mastitis.


Curr Microbiol. 2021 May ;78(5):1846-1855. Epub 2021 Apr 16. PMID: 33861370

Abstract Title: 

Biotechnological Potential of Eugenol and Thymol Derivatives Against Staphylococcus aureus from Bovine Mastitis.


Bovine mastitis is an infectious disease that affects the mammary gland of dairy cattle with considerable economic losses. Staphylococcus aureus is the main microorganism involved in this highly contagious process, and the treatment is only using antibiotics. Currently, the search for new treatment and/or compounds is still in need due to microbial resistance. In this work, we evaluated the potential of eugenol and thymol derivatives against S. aureus strains from bovine mastitis. On that purpose, nine derivatives were synthesized from eugenol and thymol (1-9), and tested against 15 strains of S. aureus from subclinical bovine mastitis. Initially, the strains were evaluated for the biofilm production profile, and those with strong adherence were selected to the antimicrobial sensitivity determination in the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) assays. Herein the compounds toxicity was also evaluated by in silico analysis using Osiris DataWarrior® software. The results showed that 60% of the strains were considered strongly adherent and three strains (S. aureus 4271, 4745 and 4746) were selected for the MIC tests. Among the nine eugenol and thymol derivatives tested, four were active against the evaluated strains (MIC = 32 µg mL) within CLSI standard values. In silico analysis showed that all derivatives had cLopP  - 4 and TPSA 

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