Choose Your Beard Style Wisely

It’s natural for a male to consider growing a beard, given the rise in popularity of facial hair over the past decade or so. This is probably helped by the scientific studies that suggest beards boost male beauty… Perhaps you’ve tried growing one yourself, deciding on the style and length as you went along, but found that the beard style you wanted to achieve is impossible for your own facial hair growth

As a matter of fact, everyone’s beard grows in different ways, some find theirs to stay perennially patchy, while others find growing a voluminous beard rather easy and quick. Setting out your intentions early when growing a beard is important, but also understanding that every beard style may not be possible and adjusting is too. 

Deciding on the best beard styles for you can sometimes be over-complicated, but hopefully, this article can help with that process.

Let Your Beard Grow First

Before deciding on what beard style you’d like to achieve, you should first let your beard grow to figure out what styles are possible for you. After just a few weeks, you can tell what sort of beard you will be able to grow just by looking at the density and the texture of the hair on the face. 

As mentioned before, some of you will have really thick, full beards, and others will have rather patchy beards. The thickness of beard growth is arguably the biggest factor in determining what beard styles are most suited to your face.

Which Beard Style is Right for You?

Once your beard has grown for a few weeks, you can then start thinking about different beard styles and what would suit you best. The two main things to consider are beard thickness and the shape of your head. Which, might sound silly, but it is important to consider when deciding on a style, as that celebrity you want to look like, may not really be possible…

Essentially, if your beard is thick, you have got more beard styles to choose from, but if your beard grows patchy, it is not the best idea to grow it out long. It is recommended in this case to keep it short. As for face shape, it is typically a clever idea to aim for a more oval look when styling a beard to compliment your current face shape. This increases your head’s symmetry and proportionality. 

This means you mainly need to think about how long your beard goes below your chin, and how wide it grows out to form your face. In addition, considering your hairstyle too, and how it complements a potential beard style is important as well. Taking care of your beard (trimming, shaving, etc) is key to a good look too.

Different Beard Styles to Try

There are plenty of beard styles to try regardless of specific growth or face shape, however, long or short. Here is a selection of beard styles you can look to achieve: 

Short Styles

  • 3-day stubble beard – a closely trimmed beard that simulates 3 days of stubble
  • Short, boxed beard – a short beard with thin, neatly trimmed sides
  • Circle beard – a chin patch and moustache that forms a circle

Long Styles

  • Full beard – a fully grown beard with sideburns and a moustache
  • Power beard – a fully grown beard (four to six inches in length) with a handlebar moustache
  • Yeard – a beard that’s been left to grow for a full year

Plenty to Choose From

Now that we’ve given you some of the best beard styles to try and grow depending on your face shape and beard thickness, you’ve got plenty of choices. It’s good to find a safe style that you know works, then experiment to your heart’s desire from there.

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