Connect to nature through the art of Watercolour 

Nurture your wellbeing, find inspiration in nature, and learn essential watercolour techniques as you paint your way to a mindful creative practice. Find inner calm and happiness this Spring in this beautiful, meditative and earthy watercolour instruction book from nature lover, teacher and popular artist Inga Buividavice. 

Even if you have no experience with watercolours or painting, Painting Calm’s accessible and easy-to-follow prompts will allow you to express yourself and create with ease and joy. 

Art therapy and the act of painting is widely acknowledged to bring positive mental health benefits, as it helps us centre ourselves, focus our intentions and engage creatively with the world around us. 

This beautiful, guided watercolour book combines these aspects with the healing powers of nature to take you on a journey toward peace and tranquillity. 

You will discover: The range of watercolour painting supplies and how to use them, basic watercolour techniques and colour theory, exercises for finding inspiration in nature, and tips for building a creative practice.

Painting Calm – CONNECT TO NATURE THROUGH THE ART OF WATERCOLOUR By Inga Buividavice 27th April 2023 | Leaping Hare £14.99 | Paperback/Ebook ISBN: 9780711281844

Inga Buividavice is a graphic artist and author based in Liverpool but originally from Lithuania. She graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with an MA in graphic design, and started hand drawing and painting in 2018. Her work centres on the natural world and its relation to the act of creating, and is inspired by plant and animal life around her.

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