Destress and feel lighter with Kaya

Destress and feel lighter with Kaya, one of the first UK brands of adaptogenic and natural stress relieving products to be validated for a Novel Foods license

We’ve had an eventful 12 months, and it’s been difficult at times to find moments to just breathe. Stress is something that we’re increasingly mindful of, and that’s why Kaya has been created, to help you tackle stress from dawn to dusk. Experts in natural stress relief, Kaya have a plant-powered portfolio of products designed to help you meet those complicated moments head-on so you can be your best self. Harnessing the power of adaptogenic plants and CBD, Kaya’s products are perfectly suited to help you feel lighter, naturally.

The world of CBD and adaptogens may seem daunting, however with Kaya you can be confident that you’re purchasing certifiable and quality goods. In 2019, the Food Standards Agency implemented the Novel Foods status to ensure that only validated products containing CBD and adaptogens can be sold in the UK and EU – Kaya were among the very first in the UK to have their Novel Foods application validated by the Food Standards Agency and European Food Standards Agency for their CBD-based products. The application to the FSA (UK application number: REFRP327) has been validated as of 23rd March 2021, so you can enjoy Kaya in confidence!

From their best-selling CBD range of gummies, chewing gum and oil, to their Sweet Dreams and Rise & Shine adaptogenic supplement ranges, there’s a Kaya product for any little moment of everyday stress. Sweet Dreams and Rise & Shine also now come in oil form, so it’s even more convenient to unwind with just a few drops of plant power.

Adaptogenic plants – powerful herbs that help the body adapt to stress – are nothing new, but Kaya uses only the highest quality of ingredients and specific formulations to ensure optimum stress relief. Kaya has pioneered the industry with its playful food supplements, with over 15,000 customers choosing Kaya for their stress relief since September 2020.

Doctor of Pharmacy Alison Ouvrier-Neyret and co-founder of Kaya has been studying the power of plants for eight years: “Adaptogenic plants have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine for their incredible properties. Every year more and more scientific studies continue to showcase how adaptogens and their active compounds interact with our bodies and help to alleviate stress. We created Kaya to harness adaptogens to alleviate stress and make their properties accessible for all”

All of Kaya’s products are vegan-friendly as well as high quality. Their tailormade supplement collections are designed for dawn and dusk respectively, so you can be your sunniest in the mornings with the Rise & Shine and slip into restful sleep with Sweet Dreams: 

  • Rise & Shine Adaptogenic 3% CBD Oil

Designed to give you a little boost in the morning and to start the day stress-free, Kaya formulated the Rise & Shine oil to keep you going all day. A combination of 3% CBD with fortifying adaptogens such as rhodiola (to improve brain function) and guarana (for energy) makes this product perfect for sunnier mornings.

RRP: £25 for 10ml from the website,

  • Rise & Shine Fortifying Supplements

Kaya created this product to capture the pure essence of adaptogens. These capsules (30-day supply) combine CBD with 6 powerful adaptogens to help combat feelings of stress, from anxiety to fatigue to bad moods, helping make us feel more resilient to stressful moments, as well as boosting immunity. 

RRP: £35 from the website,

  • Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic 10% CBD Oil

Kaya has formulated the Sweet Dreams oil to help relieve stress at night and help you quickly fall asleep. Combining 10% CBD with natural adaptogens melissa (known to promote sleep) and lemon verbena (known to promote restfulness), it’s an all-natural sleep aid.

RRP: £59 for 10ml from the website,

  • Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic Supplements 

Having restless nights? Kaya has created the Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic Supplements, which combines CBD with 5 adaptogens known to be natural sleep aids. These capsules (30-day supply) will help you enjoy a calm and restless night.  

RRP: £39 from the website,

Kaya’s core range of CBD products are also perfectly suited to help relieve stress, ideal for those wanting to take their first steps in feeling lighter with plant power:

  • Kaya Natural CBD Chewing Gum 

An on-the-go, plant powered stress relief gum for those niggly moments. Containing 5 mg of pure Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp, that has strong relaxing properties, this first product has a fresh minty hemp flavour and is perfect for those moments when you just need to AHHHH…breathe. Kaya Natural CBD Chewing Gum is biodegradable, 100% natural and contains no plastic or sugar. 

RRP: £6.90 from the website, 

  • Adaptogenic CBD Oil 

Kaya created this product to capture the pure essence of adaptogens. The uniqueness of this oil is that it relaxes you, but doesn’t slow you down (thanks to Ashwagandha and Maca). Using an extraction method that is very respectful of the plant’s properties, this relaxation elixir contains powerful adaptogens that work together in synergy. 500mg of high purity Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp that has relaxing properties,  Ashwagandha that has strong balancing properties and helps to maintain focus, and Maca root, that brings emotional calm and positive energy. 

RRP: £38 from the website,

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