Discover the perfect gift music enthusiasts 

A2D2, a revolutionary technology that combines the nostalgic warmth of analogue audio devices with the convenience of modern smart speaker systems. Elevate your well-being by seamlessly streaming your favorite tunes throughout your home, regardless of your smart speaker’s brand.

A2D2 acts as a bridge between analogue devices like record players, CD players, or tape decks and your smart speaker system. Its compact design, with a footprint no larger than a credit card, effortlessly blends in while enhancing your audio experience. Compatible with AirPlay, Chromecast, and Sonos, this device enables multiroom listening, giving you the flexibility to enjoy music in different spaces, all at your fingertips through a user-friendly smartphone app.

Plug in A2D2 to any analogue output device, whether it’s a turntable, CD player, or another audio device, and start streaming your music wirelessly. Whether you prefer the immersive ambiance of your smart speakers or the intimacy of headphones, A2D2 lets you choose the most convenient listening experience throughout your home.

Take control of your music with the A2D2 smartphone app, allowing you to manage your multiroom setup effortlessly. This year, gift yourself or your loved ones the joy of wellbeing through the perfect blend of nostalgic audio and cutting-edge technology.

Pre-order now. A2D2 ships January 2024

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