Every Coffee Lover Needs an Insulated Travel Mug—This Brand Makes the Best Ones

Most coffee drinkers and tea sippers have a favorite mug they struggle to part with, no matter how chipped or stained it might get over time. As a caffeinated person myself, I have a go-to mug—a novelty cup from my college days that can be found by my side each morning. That was, until I found the BrüMate Toddy ($30).

BrüMate Toddy

At first glance, the Toddy isn’t anything to write home about. Sure, it’s a bit sleeker than other travel mugs, with its contemporary, rounded lines and thin-but-hardy handle. Besides that, it looks like any other portable mug. The game changer is in how it holds beverages, keeping hot coffee piping hot and cold brew ice cold for hours. Think: the cult-favorite Hydroflask, but for caffeinated beverages.

That’s because all BrüMate products are constructed from triple-insulated stainless steel that maintains your drink’s temperature for hours on end. Where other tumblers and to-go mugs “claim” to keep drinks hot and cold, the Toddy actually works. (My morning iced coffee stayed fresh and icy throughout the day. Not a melted iced cubes or lukewarm sip in sight.)

The temperature control is impressive, but it’s not the only feature that got me to part with my novelty mug. Look closer at the Toddy and you’ll realize it’s designed intentionally, and, despite its minimalist looks, it packs a punch. Like the lid—it looks like your average, plastic lid. But put it on, and you’ll realize it’s completely leakproof, making it perfect for bumpy car rides, morning walks, and more. Similarly subtle is the magnetic closure located on top of the lid. It looks like just a branded logo, but flip back the lid and you’ll realize it’s magnetic, allowing you to easily sip your beverage without it flopping in your way.

I can honestly say that I don’t have any cons about this mug. My only wish is that I had gotten it in a fun color—mine is a gray, but there’s a rainbow to choose from across the entire BrüMateline, including an ultra-chic new coastal ombre collection that I’m dying to get my hands on. Dreamy pastels, bright neons, trendy florals, futuristic holographics—there’s quite literally a color or pattern for every personality.

Fellow caffeinated friends, I’m not asking you to get rid of that favorite mug—I’m just suggesting you give the BrüMate Toddy a try. At $30, it’s a worthy investment that most coffee and tea drinkers will love. And if you’re just not ready to give that cup up, BrüMate has ample other options to shop. Scroll to see six styles we love.

6 other BrüMate models that’ll change the way you drink on-the-go for good


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BrüMate 25oz ReHydration Bottle

This lightweight canteen is designed to keep your water cold for hours, no matter where you roam. It comes with two lids: a screw-on cap (which doubles as a shot glass) and a straw lid, for easier drinking on-the-go.

BrüMate Rocks Tumbler 12oz

Want chilled mocktails and mixed drinks that don’t get watered down? This 12 ounce rocks tumbler has all the features of a rocks glass you’d find on a bar cart, plus an extra few layers of insulation to keep ice frozen. It’s durable and glass-free for extra mobility, and it features an airtight lid to keep from splashing or spilling.

UNCORK’D XL 14oz Wine Tumbler

Sip a glass of heart-healthy red wine poolside without having to worry about breaking glass in this durable wine tumbler. Part of the brand’s Uncork’d collection, it’s 14 ounces, meaning it can handle an extra large pour. As with all the brand’s products, it’s triple insulated to keep your temperature just right sip after sip.

WINESULATOR 25oz Wine Canteen

Why pack just a cup when you can bring the whole bottle?! This canteen is large enough to fit your favorite red or white. No worrying about glass bottles breaking or staying the right temp—with the Winesulator, you can bring the party with you. Perfect for picnics, barbecues, and more.


Tired of losing your coozies? This insulated sleeve fits over your standard 12 oz cans of seltzers and sodas and doubles as a tumbler. When you’re done with your favorite canned beverage, pop on the included lid and fill with another drink for hydration on the go.

Cocktail Shaker + 2 MargTini 10oz Tumblers/Lids

Want to up your mocktail game? Invest in this shaker and tumbler set and wow your friends at your next summer get together. Both the shaker and tumblers are all triple-insulated, so spritzers, punches, and frozen drinks will stay cold long after you pour.


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