Everyone loves a little box of goodies

Everyone loves getting a little wellness box of goodies. We loved seeing some of the beautiful things that Holly sends in her Nourish Me Wellness Box.

They are beautifully curated and with lots of different options you’ll definitely find a gift for that special someone. From Happiness Boxes to Cleansing smudge sets.

Check out her insta for some gift ideas. I also loved the idea of her advent calendar so I think I’ll be treating myself this Christmas

Over the past few months, Holly has been designing, creating, making and sourcing the most gorgeous products to include in her boxes of self-care loveliness that will nourish and enhance wellbeing.

More, now than ever, we need to make time for self care. It’s so important to look after our wellbeing and to do the things that make us sparkle. These wellness boxes have been created with so much love and her wish is that they spread happiness, love & light and that they make someone’s day shine a bit more brightly.


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