Finding Your Chill Zone

These days we read about investing in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Key to wellness is the ability to become relaxed. For some people relaxing is easier said than done. Are you finding it difficult to relax? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by all the relaxation advice? Or you may be fed up listening to people talking about it? Maybe you have tried so hard to chill out that your head hurts more than ever.

In this Time Out News article we bring you a common-sense approach that you might actually enjoy!

Let’s begin at the end.

Not everyone is trying to achieve deep totally out-of-it relaxation all of the time. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of calm, a few minutes of being still. A refresher. A wee personal drop-in centre for chilling out. We all know about finding our happy place, how about finding our Cat in a Bucket place?

So, how do we get there? We are often told that key to any relaxation time is physical comfort. What if we cannot physically let go of tense and tight. What if we cannot do anything about pain? What can we do to be in the right space to begin with? We can be brave, we can think positively, we can use our imagination. If you find it difficult imagining try using sheer bloody-mindedness.

Shutters are down, ignorance is bliss, do not disturb I’m in my bucket.

Quick fix zen zone? Put a towel over your head (like the tennis players) and create your own chill zone. You can also achieve this by simply pulling your hoodie up and over your eyes. Not to be tried whilst driving or operating machinery – common sense must prevail – except when in full breakdown mode.

Quick fix relaxation is all about you. And the reason it’s all about you is because you are the only person who can do the relaxing, the reviving. No number of self-help books and twinkly music will work if you don’t put yourself first. There’s no magic virtual reality button “Push for Calm”. All the money in the world cannot pay for someone else to do your chilling out. Which neatly brings me to an important bit of common-sense. Helping yourself to some personal time relaxation is free! Sitting in a bucket is free. Lilly cat loves her bucket because it’s her zen zone. It is portable and only room for one, thank you very much. So, if you are finding it difficult to relax and mindfulness is causing you more anxiety than peace, try sitting in your bucket. Metaphorically of course. Your own wee zen zone.

Don’t be afraid to appear selfish or self-interested, that’s the whole point! This is your time out. And, when you feel like taking things to another level, seek out relaxation therapy. This takes many forms and Reiki is one of the best I know. As a Reiki Therapist my job is to try and open up the healing channels and help you to experience deep relief. This is a different process from you doing your own personal thing.

When you are with a Reiki Practitioner you can totally let go allowing your mind, body, soul and emotions to chill while someone watches over you. It’s floating on a cloud time – or, at the very least – the most comfortable lie down you’ll ever have. You never know you may end up finding your happy place. Just like Lilly, cat in a bucket. Please visit our website for information about our services and our gifts. We look forward to helping you embrace relaxation.

Words by: Written by Maggie Coleman, Time Out Therapy

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