Five effects of sleep deprivation on your body

The human body has been designed so beautifully and systematically that if we take proper care of it, it loves us back. Sleep is one of the major things that a human body needs and if we deprive it of the crucial thing, it behaves inappropriately in various manners. We impose Physical and mental strains on the body just because of sleep deprivation. With the change in trend, especially the younger generation does not feel the need of following the sleep pattern unless their health gets severely affected and, they end up getting irreversible conditions. Stress is another factor that leads to a lack of sleep. You can buy zopiclone which is a tablet that helps you get a night of sound sleep and hence letting you avoid all the possible malfunctionings in the body. We shall discuss the effects of lack of sleep on various systems of a human body:

1. Effect on the central nervous system: Nervous system is known to be the bridge between various organs of a body and, sleep is one of the factors that makes it function appropriately. Disturbing the sleep or lack of sleep due to any underlying causes can eventually lead to disturbances in many parts of the body. It results in decreased coordination, lowered concentration. Depression, anxiety, hallucinations, and mood swings are among some other effects it causes on the human body.

2. Effects on the immune system: Our body produces substances called antibiotics that help to fight against foreign organisms entering our bodies. These are produced mainly while we sleep. Less sleep means less production of such antibiotics that further leads to reduced immunity and easy susceptibility to the diseases. Lack of sleep also increases the chances of chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus and heart diseases.

3. Effects on Respiratory system: Sleep deprivation and respiratory systems work both ways in the sense that malfunctioning of one produces ill effects on the other one. While obstructive sleep apnea can interrupt your sleep, lack of sleep due to underlying health conditions can trigger respiratory illness like the common cold and flu.

4. Effects on the digestive system: They say weight gain occurs while you either eat too much or exercise very little and,  these are true to an extent but, we often neglect another main reason behind obesity that is sleep deprivation. There is a substance called Leptin, which sends messages to the brain about when to stop while you have enough food. In the situation where sleep is deprived, instead of Leptin, another chemical called Ghrelin is formed that stimulates the appetite. Moreover, lack of sleep does not leave you with much energy to exercise either. Sleep deprivation also affects the body’s tolerance for glucose, leading to conditions like diabetes mellitus and obesity.

5.  Effects on the Cardiovascular system: The processes that keep the heart and the blood vessels healthy ae greatly affected by lack of sleep and change in the sleep patterns. Blood sugar, blood pressure, and even the inflammation levels in the body get out of control if a body is sleep-deprived. It has been observed that individuals who tend to neglect the advantage of sleep or are not able to get the proper sleep due to underlying disease are more prone to cardiovascular conditions. Studies also reveal that insomnia even leads to stroke and heart attacks.

Conclusion: Sleep deprivation is not taken seriously unless it causes considerable damage to a body. Sleep is as important as eating or maybe more. Neglecting such an important aspect of one’s life is like deliberately pushing yourself in a pool of troubles. Prevention is always better than cure. So do not let lack of sleep take a toll on your health. All your body looks for is pampering and, giving it a good sleep is the best way to pamper it. While it is possible to avoid huge mishappenings by allowing you to sleep properly so, why give it a second thought? Take 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night but, if it still gets difficult, it is advisable to consult a doctor on an urgent basis. Sleep disorders like insomnia, cardiac rhythmic disorders, narcolepsy, and few others need proper clinical diagnosis, to be treated properly. A lot of people buy zopiclone and other sleeping pills when nothing works. However, you should always consult a doctor before going for any of the sleeping pills

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