Focus on Male Fertility with Vitality and Virility

Product supports male fertility

The rate of infertility is increasing and is nearly as common in men as it is in women in the United States. About 9% of American men and 10% of American women under the age of 44 report infertility problems (CDC, 2013 and Office on Women’s Health, 2019). Despite men accounting for nearly half of all fertility problems, it is commonly regarded as a “woman’s issue” leaving men feeling helpless and without purpose in the infertility process. Men who are sidelined during a couple’s fertility journey can have feelings of anxiety, shame and guilt that can impact relationships, performance at work, and mental wellbeing. Up to 60% of infertile individuals reported psychiatric symptoms with significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression than their fertile counterparts (Clinical Therapeutics, 2014).

To help men be an active participant in the fertility journey, FullWell has developed an effective, evidence-based formula for men called Vitality and Virility (SRP $49.95, one month supply). The high-quality supplement is formulated with a blend of micronutrients and antioxidants designed to promote optimal male reproductive health. It includes the right amounts of 20 nutrients men should be taking daily in each supplement dose. FullWell uses third-party independent testing to ensure no harmful contaminants, including heavy metals, are present in its fertility supplements for both men and women. For more fertility nutrition tips, visit:

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