Have You Tried Mindful Remedies?

Do you sometimes feel like your emotional wellbeing isn’t great? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues which can make life more difficult? If so, I have some good news for you. There are many ways in which you can improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing in 2022 – one of them being flower remedies!

Bach flower remedies are a popular form of holistic medicine that has been around since the 1930s. You may be wondering what these remedies are, or if they work at all. In this post we will discuss the history behind Bach flowers, their benefits, and why you should make them part of your self care routine for 2022!

So, what are flower remedies?

Flower remedies are a natural form of healing made from the essence of flowers. They work on a vibrational level and bring your body back into balance if it’s gone of kilter due to internal or external stressors.

The concept behind flower remedies comes from Dr Edward Bach, who was an English homeopath and bacteriologist living during the early 20th century. Bach noticed that different flowers had different effects on the emotions, and he developed a system of 38 remedies which could be used to help treat emotional problems. Each of the 38 remedies corresponds to a different emotion.

The benefits of Bach flower remedies

Many people discover flower remedies for the first time when their life is in turmoil or they have heard how effective essences are.

There are many reasons why you might want to incorporate Bach flower remedies into your self care routine in 2022. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping to improve low moods
  • Reducing negative emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment
  • Supporting during times of change or difficulty
  • Enhancing self confidence and self esteem

How can Bach flower remedies help?

Each remedy works in a different way, but they all share the aim of restoring balance within the body and mind. By using Bach flower remedies, you can access the healing properties of plants to help improve your emotional wellbeing in 2022.

There are many different ways in which you can use Bach flower remedies, depending on what you need at that particular time. Some people like to take them regularly as a form of self care, while others might only use them when they are feeling particularly stressed or anxious.

That’s where Mindful Remedies come in…

Newly launched Mindful Remedies is offering the full range of 38 Bach remedies for customers to personalise bottles of flower essence drops, to tackle their individual issues. The remedies are 100% natural and can help with issues such as anxiety, stress, low mood, confidence, sleep problems, motivation and more.

You can select up to seven remedies per bottle. They don’t have to be all focused on a single problem however, you can create a remedy using any of the 38 flower remedies. You will likely find looking through the remedies that even though you were looking for something to support anxiety for example, some of the other remedies also resonate with you. Quite often multiple different emotions have a part to play in how you’re feeling, and it might be things you don’t initially think of, for example confidence, guilt or past trauma. Unlike other flower remedy brands where you select a pre-made combination for a specific problem, Mindful Remedies understands that many different emotions may have an impact and they allow you to mix and match any remedies you feel would work for you.

Founded by Lucy Edwards, a Bach flower practitioner registered with the Bach Centre, Lucy also offers online consultations for people who want more professional advice and a supportive ear to talk to.

Lucy discovered Bach flower remedies having struggled with Long Covid and found they helped her recover from both debilitating fatigue and health anxieties since having the virus. She was so amazed by the transformative effects of the remedies she decided to train to be a practitioner and set up Mindful Remedies to help raise awareness of the remedies and help other people who might be struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

Lucy says: “I wanted to help people create their own personalised bottle, providing them with the knowledge of the Bach flower remedy system and tools to help people refine which essences to pick, at an accessible price point.”

The remedies are taken as a few drops under the tongue or mixed in water. They are natural and safe to use for all ages and even if you take other medication too. Using these remedies, acute moods should take only a couple of days to pass, however more long-standing issues may take more time. After a couple of weeks users should notice a shift in emotions, and find themselves smiling more, feeling more relaxed, more confident, with greater energy and stronger intuition.

One of Mindful Remedies clients, Ellie, had this to say –

Mindful Remedies have been genuinely transformative for me. I struggle a lot with mental health and well-being, and also have multiple chronic illnesses, including ME which I’ve had for over 10 years. From the first consultation with Lucy I felt empowered, heard and hopeful and it did not disappoint. I’ve been taking the remedies four times a day for a few months now and there’s a tangible improvement in my confidence, self-esteem, resilience and- most importantly for me- a reduction in the fatigue that has been disabling me for more than a decade. I can’t recommend enough giving it a go!

If you’d like to create your own personalised remedy you can do so on the website or if you’d like a more consultative approach from an expert in flower remedies alongside emotional support, you may like to book a personal consultation with Lucy.

Find out more at www.mindfulremedies.co.uk

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