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For over two years I have been publishing health news on my website: TotalHealthMatters! Often this is news that is not freely available in the media because there are many powerful vested interests, including the international food giants, the global pharmaceutical companies, governments that want to control their people, the giant agricultural industries, and others who can manipulate the funding of the media by filtering what you may or may not have access to, perhaps to protect their own market interests, for other agendas or “for your own good”. 

Health should be the norm!

Health would be the norm if we were all taught how to take care of our own lives and if we all had the necessary resources and support. This is the theme of my website: “TotalHealthMatters!” where I have concentrated on offering whatever information on health promotion that has been well researched and clinically proven from physicians and health workers worldwide.

If you have not visited my site, you may be interested in the compendium of just a few of the articles I have added over the past years, given below with their internet links.

What is Health? An age old question that has never been answered because it is a tough one.

Not Just An Apple a Day! Preventing most of our common diseases with healthy eating.

Discover The Power of Better Breathing. Why is breathing so important in the East yet almost ignored in Western medicine?

How a Meaty Diet Destroys the Planet. The global warming factor that few politicians dare to discuss.

Health is the Best Protection Against Disease! 
If you haven’t listened to podcasts before, start here with “Your Health in Your Hands!”

When is a Vaccine not a Vaccine? Has the definition of a vaccine been changed?

Einstein had two World shattering discoveries, one was the Theory of Relativity. This was a surprise to me, it may be to you too?

Viruses are not the Problem, it’s Our Damaged Immune Systems. Will providers of tomorrow’s medicine learn this lesson?

You Can, and Must Help The NHS! The remarkable concept of free healthcare for all, our NHS, will not be sustainable without our individual efforts towards better health.

Back Problems? Check out The Pisa Pelvic Exercise! A thirty second daily exercise that could keep your back in order longer.

The Potential Genius in Every New-born Child. It is true that with rare exceptions we all start life as potential geniuses and we are progressively “de-geniused”!

Everything You Are Not Allowed to Learn About The Pandemic. Not for the faint hearted or the contented, compliant citizens!

Your Challenge To Save The Planet; You Don’t Want To Know! Maybe you already know?

Free e-Books on Health Promotion Issues

My small contribution to improving health promotion education, a series of free e-Books for you to download. I hope you find them useful and enjoyable reading when you realize how much you can help yourself to better health and wellbeing.

The Food Connection

The Body Connection

The Breath Connection


Michael Lingard BSc. DO. WPNut.Cert.BBEA

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