Health Supplements- What are they Help or Hype for Healthy Eating?

COVID19 had brought the entire world to a halt. People ceased their economic activities and embarked upon a healthy living journey- all thanks to an intrusion of a deadly virus. While the virus brought about physical, mental, and financial stress, the only good thing that came along was an awareness about healthy living.

So, your goal for 2021 is to maintain top-notch health. After all, you don’t want to rush to the hospital for a COVID-19 emergency. But, how do you do that? Now that you’re scrolling through some ways that promise a dose of good health, you stumble upon health supplements. However, before adding these to your diet, you wonder if these will make you healthier?

Health professionals worldwide emphasize their benefits but believe that the key to vitamin success lies in eating a balanced diet. Are you overwhelmed by the towering shelves of health supplements in the grocery store? Know that many options sound great; many questions trigger people’s minds.

Which ones provide results? How effective are they? Are they worth the money?

The people who wish to lead a healthy life ask these questions. It’s all about avoiding heart disease and stroke, in the end. But, before paving a path to buying anything from vitamins to minerals, know these are only a way to fulfil your body needs. Eating healthy is the key!

While supplements may benefit you, it is still necessary to talk to your physician about adding these or not. In addition to supplement advice, they may also emphasize some considerations. These are:

  • Food First:

Nutritionists suggest putting your food first as food is a source of a variety of minerals and vitamins. They also contain dietary factors that aren’t found in any health supplements. For instance, a health professional points out that food may have bioactive compounds and dietary fibres, which aren’t found in any supplement.

If you consume them on an empty stomach, there won’t be the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins. And, what you get in return is fat and loads of fat.   

-American Health Association volunteer.

  • Supplements Help:

While diet is the key towards getting the best mineral and vitamins, supplements work wonders. For instance, you’re doing your best to eat healthy foods, but do you still feel a deficiency in some areas?

If yes, then consuming supplements can be your way out. Health supplements have compounds like nootropics, comfrey, kava etc. The presence of these compounds enhance cognitive function, maintain general health, and sports performance in people.

Ensure taking these in addition to healthy diet choices and rich-in-nutrition foods. Remember, these are merely supplements and not replacements.

Some health professionals say that supplements provide 100 percent of recommended allowance for all minerals and vitamins. Thus, it is pretty safe to say that nutritionists agree upon using the supplement for meeting your nutrient needs, even if a food-based diet doesn’t meet these.

  • Take Wise Decisions:

Before taking these supplements, as pointed out earlier, reach out to your physician about the personal dietary plan. In addition to this, he/ she also recommends some “do’s” as per research conducted by American Heart Association.

Do this:

Eat a healthy diet. Medical experts say that there is no substitute for a nutritious and balanced diet. It only limits your calorie access, trans fat, dietary cholesterol, and sodium.

Following this approach, the chances for coronary heart disease in healthy people reduce. Doctors recommend patients consume EPA & DHA, around 1 gram of omega- 3 fatty acids. Fish is a rich source of this element, so that a supplement can help immensely. Taking 2-4 grams of EPA + DHA assists with elevated triglycerides. And, like everything, consult with your physician first.

Now that you’re aware of things to do, take a look at some benefits of taking supplements. Also, ensure to carefully consider them when you’re thinking of incorporating these into your routine. Some benefits of health supplements are:

  • Assists in Managing your Weight:

Did you know that losing even 5% of your total weight works wonders for your overall health? And, why not? You’ll look and feel much better than you already do once you commit to shedding those extra pounds. Thereby, by taking a health supplement, you’ll be able to get rid of the excess weight you’ve been carrying around.

  • Improves Athletic Performance:

If you’re a person that enjoys participating in athletic competitions, taking supplements can heal your body from gruelling workouts. You no longer have to worry about your hurting tendons, muscles, bones after a long exercise provided you have the right supplements by your side.

Vitamin D and Calcium, for example, are great for people who want to keep their bones healthy and strong. They’re also excellent for people who’re wishing to prevent inflammation from taking a toll on them after a tough competition.

  • Keeps your Vision Intact:

As pointed out earlier, one of the most significant benefits of supplements for ageing people rests with improving cognitive abilities.

People tend to lose their eyesight because of conditions such as macular degeneration. But, it isn’t what it seems like. Instead, you fight this condition with supplements like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, and more. These have been beneficial for people who wish to maintain their eyesight while ageing.

  • Makes you Feel Better About your Health as a Whole:

Are your health issues keeping you up all night? Well, most people are thankful for their health issues to some degree or the other. If that’s something on your mind, take a pause and attain peace of mind with some health supplements. Taking these, you’ll feel like you’re giving yourself a dose of good health. Also, all your worries will seem to part away!

The Verdict: It’s Time to Reap the Benefits of Supplements Right Away!

So, you’ve seen the benefits of supplements are many, and this is just the beginning. There can be dozens of other advantages. All you’ve to do is talk to your doctor and consider the ones your health professional suggests.

Everything in excess is wrong, and this saying is suitable for health supplements as well. Mix them with a balanced diet and see what good it does to your body.

The best part about taking them is that you’ll be able to feel better, just after some weeks of taking them. And, in the end, you’ll only regret what took you so long!

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