How is camping good for you?

The world around us is still uncertain. Maybe it will be a while before you can go on a splendid summer vacation, but this doesn’t mean you will not be able to do something fun and very beneficial for you.

Camping is good for your body and your soul. It helps you socialize and helps create stronger bonds between you and the rest of your family.

Read on to learn more about the ways camping is good for you. Once you are done, it’s guaranteed that you’ll want to grab a nice family-sized tent and take your loved ones on an outdoor adventure.

Better sleep quality

Your body has a natural built-in clock meant to help you sleep better.

It is called the circadian rhythm and is closely related to the amount of light and sun we take in during the day and the amounts of melatonin our body produces.

According to some recent studies, we sleep much better when we set our sleep cycles with those of the sun.

Besides, no matter where you are in the city, things like noise and light pollution and the fact that we tend to relax by staring at various screens additionally messes up our sleep patterns.

When you are out camping, all of these distractions are not as strong, and you will finally be able to get some decent sleep that is good for your health.

Stress reduction

Our digital devices are responsible for poor sleep quality and bring us vast amounts of stress.

Whether it’s some silly opinion you read on social media or a work-related email, or simply a piece of bad news, all of these things can bring you down.

Sometimes, it is OK to do a bit of digital detox, and there is no better opportunity for it than when you go camping.

A camping trip can allow you ample opportunities to switch your focus to one crucial thing in life: taking it easy and doing nothing at all.

Better problem-solving skills

If you enjoy a new challenge and get an incredible feeling of accomplishment and pride when completing something you have never done before, camping is the right thing for you.

Camping requires a great deal of problem-solving from the moment you arrive at the campsite. From knowing how to pitch a tent properly and start a fire so you stay warm and cook a meal, to hiking a long and challenging trail, camping is the right mix of challenging and fun.

New physical and intellectually stimulating activities have the most significant effect on brain health, and camping fits both of these criteria. No two camping trips are the same.


One more negative consequence of modern living is that we are all primarily stuck in the past or future and ignoring the present.

We spend our time thinking of what we could have done differently to better our current situation or imagine a better future where we will be trouble-free. In all that, we miss the present.

Mindfulness is the skill of focusing on the present and can help you act more intentionally, rather than letting life pass you by while you merely react to it.

Camping is a great chance to experience mindfulness and experience how it changes your mood and stress levels. Listen to your body and how it feels in the natural world. Once you learn that, it will be relatively easy to apply that skill to your life back in civilization.

Better relationships

The way we live today means we spend more time FaceTiming our friends and family than talking to them face to face.

Being close to loved ones or good friends without the interference of modern devices like smartphones and tablets can let you communicate more directly and give and receive eye contact.

Having to depend on each other to prepare food and look after your campsite builds camaraderie, a sense of community, and a shared purpose that adds to your wellbeing.

Mental health boost

According to research from the Univerity of Michigan, spending just a few minutes per day outdoors can help reduce symptoms of depression.

Another study from Stanford University demonstrated that spending some time in nature can help you cleanse your mind of the obsessive, negative thinking that could potentially lead to mental health issues.

Vitamin D aplenty

Commonly associated with sunshine, Vitamin D plays a crucial role in helping the body absorb calcium, promote strong bone growth, and maintain healthy cells.

While the body makes Vitamin D on its own, it only does so after your skin absorbs enough sunlight, which is why being outdoors can be so beneficial to your overall health.

Together with the other benefits of camping, vitamin D combined with the lack of artificial light can increase your energy while restabilizing your vision, your mind, and your overall stress levels.

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