How to heal your whole being through holistic exercises

Holistic fitness is the coming trend in times when we know much more about the interconnection of different systems and the interaction of the spiritual and physical worlds.

Gone are the times we thought separately about our bodies’ systems and believed that life’s spiritual aspects don’t exist.

I am glad that we are moving into an open thinking world where all kinds of belief systems are valued and not negated. It gives us much more freedom to know that there is more to life than just the body in which the heart beats. No, we have a soul, a mind, and a power far beyond our lives’ daily based routines.

But each of us has to discover his power for himself. Feel it, believe in it, and work with it. We need tools that bring us closer to our true self, which is maybe totally different from what we think it is and what our parents and the people around us told us.

It is a journey. Some people discover themselves in their early years and are blessed with their knowledge and capabilities. Some go through their lives and discover whole new universes, again, again, and again.

Other people never discover their uniqueness because too much trouble is going on in their lives, and energy is wasted on the outer world than the inner journey.

But the tools to help yourself are essential. That can be self-help books and articles, life coaches, lifestyle changes or suffering, and an urge to live a happier life.

Exercise as a starting point

In my case, I took the help of all the above and discovered that exercise is one of the best tools to stay in the state of ‘enlightenment. What I mean is that when you exercise, you draw fresh prana (life force) into your body and subtle bodies (aura) around you.

That has such a strong effect on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being that I can’t think of a better tool to change your energy field.

The energy field

We build up an energy field within and around us through our thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle. For example, every argument, stressful situation, or negative belief stays in our body and energy field.

Sometimes it is impossible to step out of this energy field and to let go. Even when we consciously think we have allowed to let go of negative patterns or situations, they are still there and hold us back from moving forward.

Exercise can do this for you. That is why people who exercise look fresher, younger, and happier. You maybe can’t put the finger on it, but when a person comes into a room who trains a lot, you feel a freshness and vibrance around the person.

intune holistic exercisesintune holistic exercises

Why holistic training?

When it comes to training, I discovered that it is best to do various training types. A variety of training covers different results, and we want an outcome for the physical and spiritual self, which feels vital, fresh, and free of stagnant, depressed, and stressed energy.

Indeed holistic – All four training types

For my health and spiritual development, I used the four major training types and included chakra work in my routine.

Cardio training

My favorite is cardio training anyway, and through that, I discovered the significant energy changes within me. When I breathe and move fast, I can let go completely of my thoughts. I feel powerful and relaxed at the same time. Whatever has worried me before feels not so important anymore.

Strength training

After a few years of just doing cardio, I decided to include strength training in my workout. I have had two babies, and I got older, and I wanted a toned and firm body. What started as vanity became a stepping stone to a more grounded, disciplined life. Strength training helped me to feel grounded and feel more secure in my life and body.

Relaxation training

About 15 years back, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome hit me hard, and I needed to include stress management into my life and workout. I never stopped working out because of CFS but addes soft and relaxing movements into my routine. That helped enormously, and I became even more aware of the impact of every single exercise and training type.

Flexibility training

This training type I’ve tried to avoid and yoga never appealed to me. I was a more emotional and daringly kind of person. The focused and slow practice of yoga felt constricting for me in many ways.
I wanted to run free outside without being forced to a specific posture. But then the time came to include this significant training regime into my workout and life. And I must say, it brought me great rewards and new ways of seeing myself, and my focus shifted to activities and ventures, of which I thought I am not capable.

Growing spiritually and physically through exercise

Here, at the end of this article, I want to express my gratitude that I have been able to find exercise as a tool to grow spiritually and to stay in good health despite the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

theresia eggersOm Shanti

Words by: Theresia Eggers

About Theresia Eggers

Theresia Eggers is a passionate sports person who developed the holistic exercise program Intune because of her love of sports and spirituality. Originally from Germany, she has spent over 15 years in Australia, the Middle East, India, and now in the UK, experiencing Eastern and Western approaches to healthy living. She published the ebook Holistic Exercises.

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