How To Leverage Three Energetic Principles To Become A More Effective Leader

Are you one of the many leaders who was taught a lot of strategies for enhancing your team’s communication, engagement, and productivity?

Have you found that none of these skills truly address the most important element needed to manage and inspire your employees?

You are not alone.

Any company that wants motivated and invested employees, needs leaders who can truly influence and uplift those around them. The secret? Increase your own energy level!

How? Use these three principles:

1) Lead with Curiosity

Leading with curiosity creates a safe space where questions and clarity set precedent vs. statements and bias. In a safe place, employees feel inspired to contribute to a positive culture and environment.

How do you lead with curiosity? Ask open questions, listen with non-judgement, initiate input, and provide respectful feedback. Let your people know they can really trust you to have their best interests in mind.

2) Cultivate Creativity

Once trust is established, communication naturally increases, creating an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives. Diverse perspectives lead to creativity, because it takes high levels of energy to influence a whole group’s viewpoint.

To cultivate creativity, encourage playfulness, innovation, experimentation, and collaboration amongst your team. When your team starts to build chemistry and create their own forms of communication, you will see creativity grow. Now passion takes charge, causing time to fly and inventive solutions to flow.

3) Celebrate Each Success

The fear of failure is more powerful than the excitement of success. It’s important for leaders to honor each innovation, whether used or not. Welcoming every idea and thanking every idea generator!

How do you celebrate each success? Inspire your people to lean into their genius. Innovative solutions occur when teams feel in sync with their purpose and goals. These hits of brilliance elevate a team’s energy, leading to excitement and inspiration, and add value to your organization and prestige to your role as a masterful leader.

Written by: Rebecca Ahmed

Rebecca Ahmed is an award-winning speaker, business consultant, and an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), which is an exclusive training in human energy and how we can experience, express, and expand it in ourselves and others. Rebecca advises companies of all sizes on how to create a motivational workplace culture by transforming the energy and enthusiasm of their teams.

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