How To Make Baths More Enjoyable For Your Toddler This Winter

Bathing a toddler is perhaps the most challenging part of parental duties. Things can become even more daunting in the winter months. Even a kid who enjoys long baths during the summer season may squirm at the idea of a shower. But you cannot let them go without a bath for weeks. The best way to handle the struggle is to make it more enjoyable for the little one. Luckily, there are ways to overcome the woes and make bathing a happy experience for your toddler. Here are some tried and tested ways to do it.

Create a ritual

Making bath time enjoyable for your child is about ensuring comfort. It comes with a routine, so you must create a bathing ritual for a toddler. Pick the time of the day they like. Some kids prefer morning baths because it unlocks their energy. Others like night-time showers as they induce sound sleep. A regular schedule ensures that the child is happy and relaxed throughout.

Don’t be too rigid

Winter blues hit everyone at some point, and kids are no exception. The toddler may want to skip a bath because the idea doesn’t sound good in the cold weather. Try not to be too rigid with the winter bathing schedule. Never force your little one to step into the tub. Give them the option of a sponge bath instead. You may even give a timeout and wait until the kid is ready to shower.

Go the extra mile with winter skincare

Winter skin care should be on top of your mind when you bathe your toddler during the cold weather. Use quality products like a moisturizing soap and a tear free baby shampoo to pamper the kid. You may create a foam bath with these products to make the experience fun-filled. Apply baby oil or moisturizer on the skin to prevent dryness and flakiness. Stick with quality products that match the skin type of the toddler.

Double-check the water temperature

Water temperature is crucial for making winter baths enjoyable for little ones. You cannot expect them to be happy with cold water. But make sure that it isn’t too hot as it can strip the moisture from the skin. A temperature around 90° to 100° F is ideal for kids. So double-check it before putting the child under the shower or in the tub. Let the kid splash and play and have a good time, but monitor the temperature throughout.

Invest in bath buddies

Summer or winter, bath buddies can make the experience enjoyable for toddlers. You can invest in new bath toys for the season so that the child is enthusiastic about spending time in the tub. Even better, play their favorite music or narrate a story as you scrub the child up and down. Use it as an opportunity to spend quality time with your child if you are a busy parent. Just do your bit to keep them hooked to their bathing schedule

Winter baths for toddlers should be a happy time, just like they are in the summers. A little creativity and planning can help you achieve the goal. 

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