How to make the most of your Wellbeing app accordingly to a leading Expert

It is all very well downloading and investing in a wellbeing app, but are you following a few simple rules to maximize your experience and generate your desired results?

Research conducted in the past few years suggests that expert apps in the hypnotherapy, mindfulness and wellbeing space, have a profoundly positive impact on mental health conditions and an increased management of symptoms.

Aaron Surtees a leading Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Expert and Founder of award winning Subconsciously app, exclusively reveals his top tips to help get the most out of your chosen app. 

Mr Surtees, is Founder of, a daily wellbeing and hypnosis app, that uses his unique award-winning blend of hypnotherapy called ‘The Surtees Method’ to achieve one’s goals. 

He said: “With advances in tech, people now have health and wellbeing self-help and professional help tools at their fingertips. My patients benefit from being able to keep up with, and enhance, their results from their hypnotherapy session with me, by downloading the app. In addition, there are many different types of sessions which are all tailored to the individual, from anxiety reduction, stress relief, insomnia, calm to confidence boosting audios, which are beneficial to users.  Whether it is the first time they have heard my voice or not”.

“As a rule, there are several practical ways you can get the most out of any session, specific to Subconsciously, or my tips can be adapted to any app or platform. These are my top pre, during and post app session recommendations”:

At the start or beginning of the app session

Calm your mind

Turn off any distractions. Only using your mobile to use the app you are on. I advise you put headphone in at this stage as it will drown out any noises and get you ready for your audio session. 

Drink water

You need to sit still; have a glass of cold water and concentrate on your breathing to hydrate your and relax your body.  Sipping water can trick your mind into thinking about slowing things down.

Lay down in a comfortable spot 

Try and sit on a sofa or your bed and ensure you are in a dimly lit space to promote a relaxing state of mind. It is important to feel comfortable in the position you are lying in.

Breath correctly

Make time to think about breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly and concentrate on this alone.  A great breathing technique is to count to 5 on the inhalation and pause 2 seconds and exhale for the count of 7 lightly pinching the bridge of your nose to assist controlled exhalation airflow. 

Count down in your head

The final preparation tool is to countdown from ten in your mind to promote ultimate relaxation. Your audio coach or therapist will likely do this with you too when you press play, but it is a good habit to get into a daily practise of doing this for yourself too.

During your app session

Finish the entire session without any breaks as this is counterproductive if you stop and start. Don’t let anyone distract you, so ensure no alarms or reminders will ping and or one will interrupt your session mid-flow. 

After your app session

Chart your results and understand the results 

Ensure you make use of any in-app tools that help keep a track of your progress – most of these are chart based so they are easy to digest. Start with how you feel before and after a session and take things from there. Take a note of frequently and you will start to see changes.

Ensure you practice regularly

The old saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ is very true. With hypnotherapy for instance, you can train yourself to rewire your subconscious mind to achieve desired results. 

Lifestyle tips

For a full holistic approach, lifestyle modifications can be advantageous.  The mind and body are connected, so I would always advise my clients to limit alcohol, avoid stressful situations, know your triggers, and get plentiful sleep every night. Finally, practice a simple daily hypnosis technique for up to 20 minutes to see real changes. is available to download on the App Store now and for more information about Aaron Surtees visit his London Clinic website:

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