How To Organize Home Parties In Delhi?

Delhiites are known for living life to the fullest. Carefree at heart and wild at soul would be the best way to define any Delhiite. With the opening of cafes and bars at every nook and corner of the city, a Delhi youth is seen spending their weekend partying. For the rest of the world, it may be Friday; for Delhi people, it’s Friyay! Due to curfews and restrictions to curb the ongoing pandemic’s effect, people are favouring home parties, but parties are not out of the scene. If you are one such Delhiite, who would love home parties with your home buddies, here is your guide on how to ace it.

1.Cosy and Homely Environment: You know why home parties have the edge over outdoor parties? The reason being comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging that is missing in your flashy pubs and bars. When you are organising a home party, keep this in mind while doing the decor and preparations. Choose a secluded room where you and your friends can be by yourself. Place the mattress on the floor for comfort. Have plants in the corner for aesthetic appeal. You can design the walls and draperies with fairy lights—a table in the centre for your food, hookah, and beer. Make your invitees feel at home away from home.

2.Food: Indian culture teaches us to feed the guest well. It is one of the etiquettes of a well-mannered family. Now, it’s’ not a buffet kind of a gathering. It’s more like a snack and appetizer party. You must be well aware of the likes and dislikes of your friends and cousins. And, you must be knowing whether they prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Accordingly, make your food preparations. Have assorted varieties from famous food joints like pizza from Dominos, Kebabs from Karims, Rolls from Rolls King, Paneer Tikka from Khan Chacha, Biryani from Biryani Blues, Chicken from Aslam Chicken Corner. Have light snacks to munch on like chips, roasted peanuts. Hunt the famous food places in Delhi to order your food.

3.Beverages: In the beverage section, hard drinks will be most preferred. So, arrange for beer, wine, whiskey, and vodka bottles. Do have a hookah corner if your friends and invitees like. In addition to hard drinks, have bottles of soft drinks and other caffeinated beverages.

4.Dessert: Your dessert menu will be decided on the basis of your party theme. Whether it’s a birthday party, a festive celebration like a pre-Diwali party, or a bachelor party, a dessert is a must if you are holding any of these parties. The famous dessert that goes hand-in-hand with every celebration, is a cake. Go for online cake delivery in Delhi of trending cakes like Pinata cake, Pull me up cake, Booze cake, fondant cakes, or photo cakes. For Diwali, you can have a section of traditional sweets as well.

5.Games: Plan interesting games to play for fun and excitement. You can play casino games, cards, and other adult games. If the occasion demands, set up a dance floor and dance the heart out with your pals. Or you can keep the mood alive by playing music in the background all the time.

6.Create Memories: Home is a place to create memories. Fabricate as many beautiful memories as you can with your friends. Do not waste your time on mobile phones, instead talk to your friends, laugh with them, click funny pictures to remember. Strengthen your bond with the shared thread of memories.

Times may be uncertain, but these hard times have taught us the importance of friendship, family, and how to enjoy every moment together. Make the most of it. Party at home. Stay safe!

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