In Today’s World, Why Do We Need to Share and Understand the Gospel?

The year of the pandemic took a lot from every one of us. Additionally, the stay-at-home instructions have made us realize some of the vulnerabilities of life that we never knew existed in the first place.

For those who had kept their faith, it reminded us of one of the most powerful applications of the Gospel: to the mundane minutiae of everyday life. At first, these words can seem a little trivial, but those simple words and actions are where the faith and study of the nature of God meet the road. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are confined to the four walls of your home or not.

The teaching of the Gospel has something for each one of us. And when push comes to shove, learning and applying the Gospel of Jesus in our daily life is one of the most beneficial things we can do.

Adopting the Teaching of the Gospel at Home

Whether you are single, married, or dating, you live with your parents, or if you have children to take care of, the members of our family are the first ones that should receive our love and care. Moreover, it’s a group of people that God has wanted us to live with (blood-related or not) to help you practice and understand the importance of the Gospel.

We should strive to follow Christ, a perfect example of the self-sacrificial love he showed and practiced during his brief life on earth. However, this is not the only thing he taught us. Learning more about his life and teachings can create an environment in our lives that will help us in leading a happier and more fulfilling life. And to do so, one can take help from LDS gospel doctrine resources and learn the ways of Christ. However, as every individual on this planet will admit, by only following his footsteps, we can make significant changes in our and the lives of those linked to us.

This is where the strength of the Gospel messages comes in – with the teaching of Christ; we get the acknowledgment that we might never be able to portray love without the help of the one. Of course, we don’t have to achieve perfection, but by adopting his teaching in our everyday lives, we will nurture a more humble heart and change the lives of others around us.

Adopting the Teaching of the Gospel at Work

Suppose you are someone who always believed in making everyone happy around them, even when battling mental health problems every day. In that case, your work can take a positive turn when you start adopting the Gospel in your daily routine.

Your purpose in life and on earth is, and your ministry greatly revolves around work. The people with whom you interact every day, the balance that you work with, the discipline, and your work ethic can all be impacted by the life-changing messages of the Gospel.

Knowing that you are following the footsteps of Christ changes your life in ways that you could never imagine.


As we grow up, we realize that there is very little that we control. Depending on our point of view, it can make us happy or sad. However, with the teaching of the Gospel and learning from the life lessons of Christ, we start living in a balance and create a happy environment wherever we are.

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