Introducing the Latest Craft Drink from L.A Brewery: Tropical Ginger with Yuzu Brewed for flavour and crafted from nature

Let L.A Brewery rewild your palate this summertime. Introducing Tropical Ginger with Yuzu – an L.A Brewery take on ginger ale with a tropical twist – THE no and low alternative for summer 2021. From a sustainable non-alcoholic brewery in the heart of Suffolk, Tropical Ginger is a flavour-driven, true craft drink, made with the highest quality ingredients and ideal for those lazy, summer afternoons. 

A carefully curated blend of kombucha with ginger, hops and yuzu, Tropical Ginger has a rich base with notes of tropical fruits and a fragrant citrus zing. Yuzu, the spirit-lifting Japanese citrus fruit & secret ingredient used by top chefs, brings a captivating zesty aroma to this new release from L.A Brewery. Balanced with fiery ginger and the fruitiness of the hops, Tropical Ginger is a mouthwatering and revitalising craft drink, ideal for sipping in the sunshine.

Founder, Louise Avery, is obsessed with flavour and has an expert understanding of fermentation, to create new taste experiences for drinks that are lively, complex and perfectly balanced. For Louise, flavour development starts in the wild. Ingredients plucked from the land are hunted down from trusted, organic, and ethical suppliers. From better-than-organic tea sourced from high-altitude fields, to hops selected for their distinctive flavours… Louise captures the best of the wild in each bottle.

Tropical Ginger joins L.A Brewery’s complete range of six unique craft drinks. The original range of craft kombuchas includes Ginger, Lemongrass and Strawberry & Black Pepper, plus newer additions, Citrus Hops & Sparkling English Rose. As with Citrus Hops, Tropical Ginger’s bottle has been cleverly designed to look like beer, but with all the goodness of the natural ingredients and fermentation process. Energising in the morning, reviving in the afternoon, and exciting alternatives to alcohol in the evening – L.A Brewery is for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

A truly sustainable business from field to fermentation, Louise pays back the land by looking after it in kind. L.A Brewery brews, ferments and bottles all of their craft drinks on site at their brewery in Suffolk. Powered by 100% dark green energy from an on-site biodigester that converts waste products into fuel, the brewery uses only recyclable packaging, and will achieve B Corp accreditation by the end of 2021.

Best enjoyed chilled, all L.A Brewery drinks are naturally non-alcoholic, low in sugar and calories, low in caffeine, gluten-free and vegan – what’s not to like? Tropical Ginger is available to order directly from the brewery via the website, RRP £30, 330ml x 12 bottles.

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