Japan Centre launches Bake-at-Home & Cook Boxes 

Japan Centre, the UK’s premier Japanese Food Hall, continues to mark its 45th birthday milestone by expanding their DIY-at-home offering with the launch of two delicious new ranges.

Due to the success of Japan Centre’s original DIY kits, which launched with resounding success during lockdown, Japan Centre hopes to bring even more accessible Japanese food to people’s homes and has created two new ranges – Bake-at-Home and Cook Boxes – both launched this October. Keen cooks will now be able to create even more Japanese classics at home with ease.

Recipe Cook Boxes:

Recreate Japan Centre’s most iconic dishes such as the Katsu Curry and Sushi with ease with Japan Centre’s new Cook Box range. Each Cook Box will serve six or more people and comes complete with recipe cards and all the quality ingredients, direct from Japan, to create the most delicious dishes for a family or group meal in minutes.

All you need to do is add in your choice of fresh ingredients when you’re ready to cook.

  • Japanese Cooking Essentials Kit (£29.95) – box which features all the essential Japanese ingredients to create a range of classics including traditional miso soup and sushi to street food favourite takoyaki. This brilliant box will inspire you to add Japanese flavours to your cooking
  • Miso Kit Beginner (£19.95) –Make a whopping 30 portions of traditional miso soup from this kit. Famed for its superfood qualities and source of antioxidant goodness, this box comes with a traditional miso recipe plus all essential ingredients to become a miso pro
  • Katsu Curry Kit (£19.95) –Create one of Japan’s most iconic dishes with this kit featuring hand-picked quality ingredients including Japan Centre’s tasty curry sauce and crispy deep-fried katsu
  • Okonomiyaki Kit (£19.95)– This savoury Japanese pancake originates from the Kansai district of Japan. The name literally means ‘grilled as you like it’. Featuring all the base ingredients to make your favourite Okonomiyaki including flour, sauce, tempura flakes and mayonnaise.
  • Sushi Kit (£19.95)–All the essential ingredients to make sushi rolls, from Japan grown rice to nori seaweed sheets. Just add in your choice of fresh ingredients for the fillings and impress friends and family with your sushi know how. Makes 6-7 rolls.

We tried & Tested

We love sushi in our house and this week we tried the Sushi kit to make alternative school lunches. The kit had everything we needed (except for the fresh food). We like to use avocado in the centre of ours and instead of putting the seaweed on the outside she took it separately as she prefers to eat the seaweed separately! Instead we rolled the sushi in sesame seeds. She also took  a little container of soy sauce and washabi in the lunchbox.

This box includes:
• Japanese Sushi Rice
• Sushi Vinegar
• Sushi Nori Seaweed
• Roasted Sesame Seeds
• Soy Sauce
• Pickled Ginger
• Wasabi
• Sushi Rolling Mat

We also had the Japanese Essential Kit which had ingredients in we had never tried before. It’s a great box to inspire you try new recipes and ingredients.

This box includes:
• Miso Paste
• Dried Kombu Kelp
• Katsuobushi Dried Bonito Flakes
• Soy Sauce
• Mirin
• Cooking Sake

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