Learn More About 5 Different Forms of Content Marketing 

Content Marketing is the creation of different forms of content for an intended audience and it is a valuable tool for any business. If done right it can boost your brand awareness, visibility, leads and sales. What’s more, clever content can help to build your brand’s reputation and image, and by doing so create a loyal group of brand followers and ambassadors. Content Marketing doesn’t stop at blog writing though. Let’s take a look at the different forms of content in more detail. 

1: Blog Content

Probably the oldest and most well-known form of content marketing is the creation of blog content. Blogs are often around 500 words and can be written on any subject you desire. Often there will be a direct link to your product or service but what’s good about blogs is that you can use them to shout about your own product and provide links to the other websites, which Google loves! A good tip is to research the competition and then make sure your blog content builds on or updates what is already out there. 

2: Social Content

Social media content is your chance for your brand to show off its creative side and build a visual identity. It’s a space where brands can be more daring and hop on the latest trends and fads without associating themselves with them too heavily. Take time to consider how the content you create for social media aligns with your brand and tells your story. If done right, your social media pages can be a seriously effective content marketing channel. 

3: Video Content

Video content has become more and more popular in recent years. It’s a form of content that consumers have become accustomed to consuming on a daily basis, and it’s a great way to tell your brand story and show off your product or service. Bear in mind that Facebook has reported that up to 85% of video content on its platform is consumed without sound which makes those subtitles very important. 

4: Podcast Content

Fairly new on the content marketing scene is the creation of podcast content, and it’s safe to say that it’s growing in popularity. If you’re a brand with a lot to say then this is the perfect outlet for you, plus it gives you something to talk about on those other content channels (blog, social, etc.). Podcasts are fun as they allow you to invite special guests in, collaborate with other brands, ask for audience input, and much more. 

5: Paid Content

Paid, or ‘sponsored’ content allows a brand to pay for space on another brand’s website, social media channel or podcast. It’s great for driving new traffic to your website and enables you to build an affiliation with the brand you’re working with, which can be valuable in itself. However, it’s worth considering that they will often have final say on the content that they use. 

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