Nooj Becomes The 1st Mover In Top Tier Nut Milk Concentrates

Nooj is a simple yet breath-taking concept: the UK’s first-to-market nut concentrate that’s available in almond and cashew as a long overdue alternative to the multitude of pale, washed out plant milks that are made with only the lightest traces of nuts and a lot of needlessly shipped ‘from ‘pillar to post’ water.

According to Nooj founder, Caroline Barton, ’I’ve believed for a long time that more consumers need access to more credible, ‘planet-responsible alternatives to the large, samey swathe of so-so, heat-treated plant milks which contain the most meagre amounts of plant. If one considers that ‘dairy alternatives’ are no longer alternatives, the next iteration should be a ‘step-up’ proposition that enables consumers to determine what ‘nut density’ suits them best.’

In broadbrush terms each 150g Nooj pouch contains over 65% nuts, makes roughly 1.5L of creamy nut milk, although this will vary depending on individual consumer taste & texture preferences.

According to Caroline, the idea for Nooj came about purely by chance, with Caroline initially assuming that someone else must have already come up with the idea. Despite growing up on a dairy farm as a child, when doctors advised me that I should consider giving up dairy and gluten I started to hunt down credible alternatives, especially for baking and cooking purposes.

Nooj isn’t simply geared at the plant-based/dairy free community, it also targets non-vegan shoppers on the constant hunt for ‘outside the box,’ user-friendly products that simplify making delicious and healthy food choices.

Caroline continues, ‘I always wanted access to non, heat-treated nut offerings that use the whole nut (unfiltered) and also decided early doors that I also needed a cashew variant in addition to almond, since their very distinct textures, fat/starch make-ups meant that I had two-strong offering with a greater usage reach (baking, cooking, binding, quaffing….). I also wanted an ethically aware brand, which is why I created a water-free concentrate brand since so many of the major nut milk suppliers waste a lot of time and resources needlessly shipping around cumbersome water.’

Sainsbury’s support as an active advocate of innovative, 1st Mover brands means that Caroline has had an active champion from Day.1 which will lead to a 150 store launch in Autumn 2021

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