Popped lotus seeds make their move

For those who have never dabbled with popped lotus seeds, it sits somewhere between popcorn and a rice cake on the moreish snack stakes.

There are as one might expect many young pretenders looking to take this classic Asian treat (traditionally bought in a big bag before being home flavoured with flavoursome savoury stalwarts such as turmeric, mustard seeds or curry leaves) into the UK’s healthier snacking mainstream, where cries for for tasty, low calorie treats with proud gluten-free/vegan assurances have become deafening.

As a lightly-roasted (never fried!), clean-deck, ancient-grain treat that never dabbles with palm oil or any synthetic nasties (flavourings, colourings..), Plant Pops has become a lead voice in UK’s Popped Lotus seed movement helped by the fact that it has its own purpose-built BRC accredited factory which ensures that there is no compromise in quality control, innovation or creating bespoke client solutions.

Better than that, Plant Pops is the spirit of Ben & Jerry’s, Nature’s Path, Purely Plantain, Innocent…. is a business with a strong socially responsible charter, that believes in Caring Capitalism with a % of every pack sold going to Action Village India, a noble overseas charity that supports the lotus seed farmers (and their families) of Northern India.

Our vision from Day.1 concludes co-founder Anushi Desai, ‘has been to champion snacks that are good for you, the wider environment and the local farmer communities to whom we are indebted. It still amazes me that we’re working with a sublime, nutritionally robust raw ingredient that has been eaten for centuries by billions of people and yet for the most part has been overlooked by the Western World, although burgeoning UK and export orders (Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia) would suggest that the healthier living snacking communities are quickly catching on.’

Plant Pops is lucky enough to have been a major ‘permissive snacking’ benefactor in recent months as growing numbers of inquisitive, health-conscious nibblers look for new ways to satisfy their comfort food cravings without compromising their healthier eating agendas.

It’s also worth noting that Plant Pops operates on both sides of the Sweet/Savoury flavour divide with Peanut Butter currently riding high as their undisputed flavour hero.


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