Positivity Towards the Future

It’s great to be beginning the New Year with a fresh start and sense of renewal. No doubt, we’re all hoping for a happier & healthier 2022 – a year that brings positivity, new found energy and sees us moving towards a new vision and more creativity for ourselves.

As we reflect on last year and what we want for the future, we begin to see what we need more of in our lives and what we need less of!

How can we rebalance, find clarity of mind, not repeat negative patterns and perhaps free up more space in our lives in order to allow in more joy?

If obstacles stand in our way that block us, how can we remove them? Let’s believe that we can make changes, grow in freedom and confidence and live the fulfilling lives that we want for ourselves.

Do you want to feel strong, empowered, and uplifted with a full sense of wellbeing, more energy and happiness? 

Holistic therapies and Reiki offer a great start to help us begin to achieve our goals and intentions for 2022. Tiredness can result from being overworked and when we don’t take the time to replenish our own essence and fun, so it’s very important to rebalance our energy centres.

From my observations during the last two years, so much fear and anxiety has been instilled in us as a result of the pandemic. Gradually and slowly we can begin to emerge and release those anxieties and controls that we’ve been under, and head towards happier and more positive pathways where we alone make the decisions and changes for ourselves and for our futures.

So in the world of Reiki, therapies and yoga we smile, we dance, we hope, we live and open our hearts to new beginnings and listen to the whispers of our soul that pull us in the direction of where we need to be. 

Come along and enjoy our happy community and book your holistic treatment for that fresh start… all are welcome.

I am taking on more new clients than ever before since last year and it’s great to see yoga teachers, other holistic practitioners, and physiotherapists coming to me for a rest. We all need this!

If you don’t have a loyalty card please ask me for one and for more details of the 315 treatment.

My Spring Reiki tasters in March are already set to be at The Yoga Life Studio, Eastbourne. Vouchers for money-off a full treatment will be included in the gift bags.

Happy Healing!

Claire Nicole  – Reiki Practitioner & Aromatherapist


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