Revealed: Dandruff is The Most Common Hair Problem in the UK

A new study has revealed the most common hair problems in the UK with dandruff coming out on top.

The research was carried out by supplement brand Yumi who analysed Google search data to find the most commonly asked questions relating to hair issues.

It seems many people are scratching their heads when it comes to dandruff, with questions including ‘How to get rid of dandruff?’ and ‘What causes dandruff?’ being asked to Google over 90,000 times each month in the UK.

The second most common issue for people living in the UK is dry hair with questions including ‘Best dry hair treatment?’ and ‘Best Shampoo for dry hair?’ being searched over 85,000 times every month.

The study also found that length does matter, with more than 76,000 searches for hair growth queries including ‘Why is my hair not growing?’ and ‘How to make your hair grow faster.’

The Most Common Hair Problems in the UK:

  1. Dandruff
  2. Dry Hair
  3. Hair Not Growing
  4. Greasy/Oily Hair
  5. Frizzy Hair
  6. Split Ends
  7. Sensitive Scalp
  8. Dull Hair

Haircare expert Nicola Johnston from 81 Rose Garden Salon gives her advice for treating and preventing dandruff. She says: “A common cause of dandruff is simply not shampooing enough, resulting in your scalp producing excess oil which turns into oily yellow flakes.

“The majority of the time dandruff is very treatable with good hygiene methods and regular washing of your hair. Very mild dandruff is often easily treated with a gentle daily shampoo, or for more severe cases, an anti-fungal treatment could be prescribed to you by your doctor or pharmacist.”

You can check out Nicola’s tips for preventing and treating each of the eight most popular hair problems, along with all the findings from the study, here:

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