Shine a light on darker days with colour therapy series

Enjoy five new ‘Light House’ colour sequence videos created to watch at home can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing during winter months

LG Electronics launched the Light House Series – a five part content series of scientifically calibrated colour sequence videos which can be used throughout the day to improve mental wellbeing, in collaboration with the UK’s leading colour therapist and founder of The Colour Ministry, Alison Standish.

As the days get shorter, combined with recent government restrictions, the nation faces a challenging period. We’re all familiar with the benefits that fresh air and being outside in all the colours of the natural world can bring for both our mental and physical health – but how can we bring those benefits inside our homes this winter?

For hundreds of years, colour has been used as a scientifically proven therapeutic method to treat physical and mental ailments. Research from LG finds that 43% of us think particular colours have an effect on how productive we are, and a further 57% believe certain colours can affect our mood.

In response to these findings, LG set out to explore the potential of using its TVs to perform diversified tasks, developing tools to bring additional value to existing technology within people’s homes to ultimately improve mental health and wellbeing.

As the undisputed king of OLED technology, with LG TVs offering industry-leading colour contrast and accuracy, LG teamed up with Alison Standish to combine its technical expertise with the wellbeing effects of colour therapy and create this series of light sequences.

“Colours are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate. Our brain interprets these wavelengths, which ultimately makes our perception of colour a physical and sensory experience. Colours create an electrical impulse in our brain, which encourages hormonal and biochemical processes in our body, and these processes either stimulate or calm us,” explained Alison Standish, Founder of The Colour Ministry.

Using precise wavelength nanometres of colour, which have been converted to the equivalent red, green, and blue mix of OLED pixels, each sequence has been created and tailored to fit with the circadian rhythms of the body’s internal 24-hour cycle. Each provides beneficial qualities at different moments throughout the day – from breakfast to bedtime – improving mental wellbeing and helping people overcome the effects of shorter days and spending less time outdoors. To feel the impact of the sequences, playing them in the background while you continue your usual routine is enough to feel a positive impact. For those short of time, the sequences can be enjoyed standalone for an immediate boost.

The Five Colour Sequences

Rise & Radiate (7:30am)

A morning sequence which is uplifting and brings energy for the day ahead, beginning with violet to help balance our left- and right-hand brain so that we awaken slowly. This sequence also includes blue for a sense of calm and green, which allows us to take bigger breaths and expands our lungs, filling them with vital energy to start our day. Yellow helps detox and activate the brain, while orange is said to increase our serotonin and brings creativity. In this sequence, the platonic solid* used is the cube, which is associated with the earth and reconnects you to nature, making you feel strong and stable.

Rebalance & Realign (10:30am)

A mid-morning sequence, focusing on refreshing you after your morning tasks. The phase from green that expands your lungs and reduces any tension moves onto orange, allowing you to release negative feelings, and then shifts to yellow, activating your digestive system and bringing in clarity and concentration.  A little extra green brings you into balance and realigns your thinking. In this sequence, the tetrahedron – associated with fire – provokes acceptance of your personal power and helps you feel confident.

Refuel & Re-energise (3:00pm)

An after-lunch sequence which refuels you through an intake of colour that re-energises the body and mood. Yellow is very important for physical digestion along with a release of any toxins that your body many be holding. The orange heightens your ability to be more creative but also brings in feelings of joy and happiness to elevate and eliminate any feelings of that ‘afternoon slump’. The icosahedron features in this sequence as it is associated with water and enhances our creativity and expression.

Relax & Re-establish (8:00pm)

A sequence you can use at the end of your working day after dinner when you have time to spend with your loved ones or relaxing by yourself. Starting with the green, this balances your heart rate and releases any stresses that you may be holding. The addition of blue brings a feeling of calm and allows the body to detach any negative feelings or energy that you may be holding from the day. Blue’s overall healing energy moves on to further green, giving you a final dose of compassion and energy for yourself and others around you. It helps us be present in the moment and allows self-reflection.

Rest & Reconnect (10:30pm)

A sequence you can use before going to bed that relaxes you and gets you ready to sleep. The blue – activating calm and serenity – leads into a deeper indigo, which clears your sinuses and relaxes your eyes to bring in a more dream-like state. Indigo to violet activates your right-hand brain, which switches you off from detailed and analytical thinking into a more creative and intuitive mind-set. The colours and use of the dodecahedron in this sequence activate the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creativity, helping us release and rest throughout the night.

James Thomas, Home Entertainment Product Specialist, LG UK said: “With people spending increasing time at home, we saw a wellbeing opportunity by reimagining how we use our TVs to support people through this difficult period. LG OLED TVs are perfectly positioned to offer the maximum benefit of these colour sequences, as the self-lighting pixels offer greater colour uniformity, while the technology also delivers strong colour accuracy, meaning the colours shown are the same as the source – just as Alison intended.”

Alison Standish, Founder of The Colour Ministry added; “Colour is everywhere. There is no getting away from it. We see it, we eat it, we wear it, and we even breathe it. How boring our life would be without colour, just a journey of ‘black and white’. This is why it’s been such an exciting project to work on with LG – bringing all the colours of the world into the home over the darker months to give people a real lift when they need it most throughout the morning, day, and evening.”

The five colour sequences are available to watch on LG UK’s Official YouTube channel via the below links:

Sequence 1:

Sequence 2:

Sequence 3:

Sequence 4:

Sequence 5:

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