Simply Seedz Porridge Is Helping To Restore Breakfast’s Meaningful Meal Status

It’s almost impossible to calibrate the seismic effect that Lockdown has had on our nation’s ever-chaning eating regimes with both ends of the food spectrum (indulgent comfort food and wholesome, nutritionally buffed) stealing a march on their more ‘middle-of-the-road’ counterparts.

The very fact that more families than ever are finding themselves working from home means that breakfast has been restored to ‘meaningful meal’ and not just what you can grab as you rush out of the door.

Breakfast is once again the most important meal of the day, not simply because of today’s less frenetic/runaround lifestyles but because consumers are increasingly concerned about a meal’s ingredient deck, nutritionals and what constitutes a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Porridge in particular is shedding its perception of being little more than a cost-efficient and filling ‘winter warmer’ for old people.

Moreish rolled oats are not new news, because we’ve known for some while now that the represent the last word in slow-release carbohydrates (which helps keep unhelpful weight-gaining snacking urges at bay) and has a healthful, low glycaemic index.

Simply Seedz is an artisanal Midlands porridge provider that is enjoying real success, not simply because of its commitment to large rolled oats (as opposed to the pulverised oat dust that others peddle) but because it dared to remove the sugar-laden milk powder that infiltrates so many on-the-go porridge offers.

According to Simply Seedz founder, Cathryn Zielinski ‘Today the world is so much bigger that full-fat or semi-skinned cow milk. Today almonds, soy, oats, rice and pea and coconut milks all have their ardent plant milk followings which means Simply Seedz can now champion 500g pouches or single serve, compostable pots that are free from dairy, gluten or refined sugars. Our less-is- more mindset means that you’ll never find more than 5 ingredients in any recipe (wholegrain, fruit, spices…) and certainly nothing unpronounceable that sounds like it was grown in a test tube as opposed to a field or an orchard.’

The simple reality is that too many so-called low calorie instant porridges are overflowing with sugary milk powders which mean even their plainer flavour formats carry 12-15g of sugar per 100g compared to Simply Seedz whose plain variant contains 0.01g per 100g.

Simply Seedz: available in Apple & Cinnamon, Dark Choc & Ginger, Date & Apricot, Apricot & Cranberry and Simply Plain

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