Sound in a New Light

Teno is a new kind of speaker, a new kind of light, a new way of relating to technology.

On its surface, Teno is a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture made from natural sand. When cracked open, it comes alive; revealing soft, warm light that you can adjust with a simple tap. When fully open, it’s a powerful speaker, releasing a rich sound that you control through touch.

This project began with a walk in the forest. On this day a few years ago, I found myself surrounded by the sounds of nature, birds chirping and water streaming in the distance — without seeing where they were coming from. It felt magical. I went home and got to work.

I set about creating a speaker that employed a similar magic, hiding the source of its sound. I found myself inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of piecing together broken parts rather than throwing them away. The technology is unexpectedly revealed as you break the object and piece it back together.

I want to break the cycle of yearly upgrades and obsolescence. I want to focus instead on delight, beauty, and quiet joy — that feeling that I get when I drink my morning coffee from an old ceramic cup that’s only gotten more beautiful over time. Teno is very much inspired by this idea of hanging on to the few precious pieces that we have at home. Max Gunawan,founder.

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